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  1. dynamicentertainment

    Soundtech Revo....

    I just purchased a pair of Revo SR15P powered speakers and was wondering if anyone here ever owned or used them? I am trying to figure out the level setting for the gain control.... all it has is Min to Max no values listed like -10 to +4? Any ideas?
  2. dynamicentertainment

    Powering EV SX500+

    Ok guys, I got a steal on a pair of used EV SX500+ and they like power 400rms at 8ohms. I bought a Crown Xti2000 that is 475/ch@8ohms and it seems to clip too easy/fast.. so if I return it I could get a QSC PLX2/1804 that is 600/ch@8ohms for even trade. BUT the question is would it help out much...
  3. dynamicentertainment

    Mackie SR1521z vs. SA1521z ???

    I heard the SR Series and Loved them but I can't hear th SA Series unless I buy them... So anyone have an opinion I'm leaning on the SA1521z becaues 100 watts more power and 3db more SPL. $100 a speaker. What do you think? Anyone hear both models if I'm lucky? :roll:
  4. dynamicentertainment

    American DJ - DJ Scan 250 HP

    I purchased a pair last week, got them home one had a faulty color wheel so I took it back the next day... Now one of them has a problem with the gobo wheel about half way thru the show it decided to move one gobo forward on all the scenes I programed and that caused some to totally black...