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    Yamaha MS 400's

    I was just wondering if there was still any demand for Yamaha MS400's..Not the MSR400's but the original 15 Inch Powered Models..They were taken off the U.S. Market in 2002 and Cleared Out at Closeout Prices..I have a pair with Tuki Covers and don't necessarily want to sell but then again I...
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    Digital Shows Outdoors

    The experts say that heat is hard on computers..So how do you Digital Jocks deal with outdoor summertime events,especially in the south?..Do you still use your computers,either rackmount or laptop or do you opt to play CD's at these events?
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    Can average guest tell or care about which bitrate?

    If a DJ has most of his library already encoded at 128 and is using Mackie SRM 450's..Is it worth it to re-do everything at 192? Is the difference going to be noticed by the average or any guest over time and if so is it enough to have a negative effect on future bookings?
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    Best External Laptop Soundcard with OTS?

    That's the question...What is the best external Sound Card for a Laptop with OTS DJ?