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  1. Corey Rock

    Playing music before/during a 5K race

    Hi gang, I love a good challenge but feel the need NOT to reinvent the wheel here. Looking for some good music to play before the race...something inspirational and music played during the race. Any ideas and/or examples would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Corey Rock

    Song help please

    It's been a while since I used this site for help so here goes. I have a CU that wants the Song "Gin and Juice" from the group "The Sting Cheese Incident". Any ideas what album to find this wonderful song on? Thanks for helping
  3. Corey Rock

    Almost three years ago....

    Was the last time I posted. I told Mark today on the phone I would visit Prodj and say hello. Has everyone been playing nicely? I certainly hope so. Feel free to respond if you remember the posts from yesteryear. To my friends, Mark Evans, Ryan B, Ken H., Mad Joe, and the cast of...
  4. Corey Rock

    Music Help please....

    Hey Gang, I need help finding these songs. They have to be instrumental only versions so keep that in mind. If you know what albums or soundtracks thay are on I'll go out and buy them. Your help is greatly appreciated!! :D Here are the songs: The Scientist by Coldplay Clocks by Coldplay...
  5. Corey Rock

    DJ needed for Wisconsin Homecoming

    I've been turning away shows for the 1st of October for 2 weeks and I can hear the desparation in their voices. Is there anyone available for the Madison area and Milwaukee area? Let me know!
  6. Corey Rock

    Shout out to Chris Lee

    I wanted to publicly thank Chris for his help and contribution of a video player 2 weeks ago. Let me give you some background. About 1 year ago I started doing some research on video dance products and pricing. I spoke with many people here on the boards for ideas and was introduced to Chris...
  7. Corey Rock

    Music help

    Hello Gang! Looking for a copy of Ava Maria without the lyrics. Anyone have any ideas what CD to buy, artist? Thank you!
  8. Corey Rock

    Celebrating a birthday at a wedding...ideas

    Hello Gang! I have a customer who wrote to me asking how we could help her to celebrate her sisters birthday. Here is a copy of her request: Just a quick question for you. My sisters birthday falls during the weekend of the wedding. I would like to do something unique/funny to honor her...
  9. Corey Rock

    Patriotic Music

    I am playing music on the 4th of July B4 fireworks and would like your recommendations for patriotic music including the 4 branches of the armed forces. Any ideas KEN and others? Thank you!
  10. Corey Rock

    Song help please

    Hello Gang! Need help with a song. I can't get DJI to load right now and I need to know who Does the Twilight Zone by G.S.O. Can anyone help please. Who is G.S.O.? Thank you
  11. Corey Rock

    Must have movie soundtracks

    Hey Gang! My quick question of the day is what do you think are the most important Movie Soundtracks to keep in your library? Here are a few of mine: Animal House Blues Brothers American Graffitti Grease Let me know what you think is important and add to the list. Thanks!
  12. Corey Rock

    What's your pets name?

    Hey gang! Thought I would start a pet thread to see who has pets, what kind of pet(s) and their name(s). You could maybe throw in a quick story about them. Lets have some fun. Some of you know I'm fond of birds, always liked watching them and listened for their calls. Over 4 years ago I...
  13. Corey Rock

    Open house

    Hey gang, I found out the place I rent from is having an open house this Sunday. Free dogs (hot dogs) and soda along with some great prices on speakers, amps, lights, and ????. Stop by, say hi! The place is called The DJ Shop in Waukesha WI.
  14. Corey Rock

    Here we grow again

    Hey Gang, My company continues to grow and am hiring for the position of warehouse/maint. Supervisor. With this title I need a detailed job description and set of duties/responsibilities that this person would be in charge of. So my ? is this, does anyone have a job description already in...
  15. Corey Rock

    1st video dance a smash

    Hey gang, My 1st video dance was completed this past Saturday. I was so hyped going into this dance, new equipment (thanks Chris Lee), new music, and renewed enthusiasm. To say the least we ROCKED the house. I came in to check out how the dance was progressing and was amazed at what I saw. I...
  16. Corey Rock

    Special music help please.

    Hey Gang, I have a dance at the end of the month that requires dinner music relating to the Chinese culture. The theme is a Chinese New Year and they want Dinner music only relating to the theme. Any ideas on a sound track or specific artist to buy? Your help and professionalism is appreciated.
  17. Corey Rock

    Help with DVD video

    Hey Gang, I'm going to be buying a new DVD player and Video mixer for video dances. I would like your recommendations please. Also Vocopro has released a new DVD/mixer all-in-one player. What might your thoughts be on that unit? As always thank you for your generous help! Corey
  18. Corey Rock

    Energy Dancers/Party Dancers

    Hey Gang, I'm looking to make a leap into the world of offering party/energy dancers to enhance my events. I don't want to reinvent the wheel here, but would like to discuss this concept with owners who presently have a staff of dancers. Either post here or PM me... Thank you!
  19. Corey Rock

    Help with "We Want You Back" letter

    Hey Gang, I am putting together a letter directed at companies and schools we haven't heard back from in some time. I was wondering if anyone has a letter such as this one they might be willing to share? Many of these past customer I'm sure have had turnover of my contact person but others...
  20. Corey Rock

    Listen to the music b4 you...

    Hey Gang! I met with a B&G last night. They were interested in listening to music over the internet before they choose which songs they want played. Any favorite websites you would recommend? Thank you for your help!