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    Strategic Partnerships

    Hey crew, I need some advice regarding what I'm calling "Strategic Partners". In short, we don't offer services such as photo booths, we leave it to the professionals and we focus on DJ & lighting. But, we are looking to partner with a vendor that offer this and do a bit of "selling" for them on...
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    Gear Rental In Puerto Vallarta

    Hey crew, I'm doing a wedding in Puerto Vallarta next March and looking for a place to rent gear. The last destination wedding I did in Hawaii (Oahu) I was able to find a local DJ company that was great and rented me all the gear I needed. But I can't seem to find anything in the Puerto...
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    I Can't Dmx Obey 4 D-fi 2.4 With Slimpars

    Hey crew, I've scoured the internet and although there are MANY "how to" and "unboxing" videos on the Obey 4, the SlimPars and both together, I cannot find anywhere that tells me what the DMX channel should be for the SlimPars. Yes, I'm new to DMX so maybe there is something obvious I'm...
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    Where are Edits / Remixes of 80's New Wave songs?

    Hey crew, I'm looking for 80's New Wave songs (The Human League, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, a-ha, New Order, INXS, Erasure, Tears For Fears…etc) but I'd like to find versions that have DJ intros or remix or edited versions. Does Promo Only, Prime Cuts...etc. Have these "alternate" DJ versions...
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    How do you charge for out of state (Hawaii) wedding gig?

    I have a wedding colleague (a videographer) who we work with a bunch who asked me to DJ his sisters wedding in Hawaii. I know they will cover my accommodations but I'm wondering if I should charge them for the actual gig itself if they're paying for me to hang out in Hawaii for a few days? I...
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    Krenzel / Mezinke Tanz Dance?

    Hey crew, what song(s) do you use for the Krenzel / Mezinke Tanz dance at Jewish weddings? Thanks!
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    Are We Paying Our Sales Team Too Much?

    I want some opinions here on what you pay your consultants if you have them. We're paying our entertainment consultant (salesperson) $500 to $800 per week and I started wondering what you guys are paying your salespeople and how. Here is the formula we came up; Each meeting is 1 hour at a...
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    Online contracts & E-Signatures?

    Instead of having our clients print, sign, and then scan/email or fax us back their contracts, we were hoping to streamline the process and find some method of using e-signatures combined with an End User License style-Agreement and checkbox to get this done quickly through our website. We just...
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    "What's Your Budget?" How are you charging for services?

    I had recently asked a fellow DJ (not one of my employees, a sub-contracter we sometimes use) to do an event for us and he asked about negotiating the pay - which made me want to post this question: What are the factors that you consider when quoting an event? Here's why. We charge a flat...
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    MMS similar to Text Live

    Hey crew, I got an interesting inquiry about having guests send pictures & video during a wedding reception to be projected on a large screen. Direct quote; "...our ability to set up a screen and laptop so that it would give his guests the ability to use their smartphones to take...
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    External or Internal Hard Drive?

    Hey guys, I've always used my MacBook Pro's internal hard drive to store my music (250GB). But I also know some of you use external hard drives and was wondering if there was a benefit to going external. The prices for an external TB are obviously pretty low right now so I'm considering going...
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    Mic Stand Bag Recommendation

    Hey guys, I just purchased 5 of these mic stands And would like to find bags for them. Just simple, slim bags to carry them from gig to gig. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Equipment Label Suggestions

    Hey guys, We're getting more and more gear lately (especially uplights) and my DJ's are checking gear in and out each week. I want to keep better track of who has what and would like to label / tag each piece of gear. I'm looking for 2 things specifically I'd like suggestions on; 1.) Tags...
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    European Music

    Hey crew, Just got a call from a client who is hosting a 400 person corporate event. They organization is global and 90% of the attendees will be European. To be more specific, young (24-30), Europeans. They are really focusing on the dance party of this event, it's very important for them...
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    Any good Dj Podcasts?

    I'm looking for a podcast geared towards us...DJ's! Tips & tricks, advice, gear reviews...etc. Sort of like if this forum or Digital Dj Tips were a podcast. Any ideas?
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    I blew a speaker on Saturday! Help me learn Gain, db's, levels...etc.

    Ok, it didn't really "blow" but my k12 went into 'protection mode' I guess. Where it shuts off to protect itself? That's what I'm thinking. Here is what happened and what I'd like to understand. Dj-ing a wedding as usual. I feel the levels were at my normal settings when one of my QSC K12's...
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    What Do You Keep In Your Gig Bag?

    Hey guys, Just got a new bag for my gig "necessities" and thought I'd ask you guys what you keep in yours. So this is a messenger bag or backpack or whatever you take to every gig that has some "gig essentials" sort of speak. Here is what is in mine for example; Folder of all client files...
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    Greek Wedding Songs

    Hey guys, Please help me out with this. I have a client that is asking for Greek songs for her wedding. So I initially sent her these links;
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    Ceremony System

    Hey guys, I had a couple threads out there about "Ceremony Mic Recommendations" ( and "What Gear Do I Need In My Rack" ( which leads me to this one. Based on the great input I've received...
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    Ceremony Mic System Recommendations

    Hi gang, We've started to offer ceremony services and I'm looking for a nice, compact, mobile solution. What we offer in the package are 2 lapel/lav mics and one handheld. I'm looking for a affordable solution I can put into a 1 or 2 rack space and transfer from DJ to DJ based on the event...