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  1. DAD-n-LAD

    Got Chips?, Salsa?, Merengue?

    Just a heads-up to let everyone know Promo Only has added the Tropical Latin series to it's back issue inventory sale! :P For those DJs needing to add a little salsa and merengue to their library, here's the chance to purchase the 2001 and 2000 discs for only 100 bucks. :shock...
  2. DAD-n-LAD

    Announcement help needed!!!

    My fellow DJ's, We have been hired to provide entertainment for an unusual, (to us at least), event. Our client's father and mother are divorcing and selling their home of 28 years; which the father built with his own hands!!! The children are having a "going away/ moving" party and have...
  3. DAD-n-LAD

    Song Help Needed!!!

    OK guys it's our turn! We are having trouble identifying a song from the movie "Save The Last Dance". :oops: One of the verses says, "If you got a hundred dollar bill, put your hands up". FYI, it is not on the soundtrack. :shock:
  4. DAD-n-LAD

    Theme Song Help Needed

    We have a "Going Off to College" gig Saturday for a girl headed to Pacific University in Hawaii and have been asked to provide a couple of Hawaiian themed songs for fun. :D The only song that came to mind is the Hawaii Five-0 TV theme. :? :( :oops: Can anyone here list any songs...
  5. DAD-n-LAD

    Got Coffin?

    Just thought I'd show everyone our new CD Coffin! 8) We finally decided on the RRDJCD19W from Road Ready. It now holds our CDN-88, a pair of CDJ-800's and our MM8Z. :D How many others here have a CD coffin? Can you post a pic.
  6. DAD-n-LAD

    Airline Humor

    After every flight, pilots fill out a form called a gripe sheet, which conveys to the mechanics problems encountered with the aircraft during the flight that need repair or correction. The mechanics read and correct the problem, and then respond in writing on the lower half of the form what...
  7. DAD-n-LAD

    Flying Solo

    Well guys, I finally did it!!! I played a gig without my son! I received a call Wednesday from a friend of a friend whose usual DJ was booked for Friday night. :roll: I told her that my son, DeeJay Lee, was on vacation in Puerto Rico and wouldn't be back until Saturday night. I also told...
  8. DAD-n-LAD

    CDJ-1000 or CDJ-800???

    Of those here at who use the Pioneer 1000's or 800's: 1) How do you like the units? 2) Is it worth the extra $200 for the 1000 vs. the 800? :shock: 3) What are the differences between the two, effects wise? :? For those who already own the 1000, if you had a choice...
  9. DAD-n-LAD

    32 CD's for 99 Bucks?

    Guys, I got this offer via e-mail today and was wondering if anyone here has purchased these cd's or anything else from this website. It appears to be a great offer but I am a bit...
  10. DAD-n-LAD


    ... was I surprised when Eminem won an Oscar for 8 Mile's song 'Lose Yourself'. Don't get me wrong I enjoy his music and lyrics, I just thought there was no way he would ever beat the other nominees. MUSIC (SONG) 8 MILE 'Lose Yourself' Music by Eminem, Jeff Bass and Luis Resto; Lyric...