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  1. Corey Rock

    Playing music before/during a 5K race

    I like it and will add it! thank you!
  2. Corey Rock

    Playing music before/during a 5K race

    Songs I plan on playing before the race are "Proud" from the Biggest Loser, Rudy "Tryouts" song, "Chariots of Fire", "The Trap", "the Natural" theme song just to name a few but I think I need 1-2 hours of inspirational music and build them into a euphoric frenzy. Thanks for your help so far, am...
  3. Corey Rock

    Playing music before/during a 5K race

    Hi gang, I love a good challenge but feel the need NOT to reinvent the wheel here. Looking for some good music to play before the race...something inspirational and music played during the race. Any ideas and/or examples would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Corey Rock

    Jebus. Can't a man get a break?

    Why does it truly matter what he charges? I've made profit from $375 wedding and I've made profit from $1450 wedding. Bill, you still write eloquently...job well done. I have a solution to these pricing wars, stop telling other DJs what you charge. Just let them know you make enough money to...
  5. Corey Rock

    Mark, just about to go workout and wanted to know if there is still an area that posts examples...

    Mark, just about to go workout and wanted to know if there is still an area that posts examples of ideas oe., School Party Planners, General Activity Planners...stuff like that. Been away from this site for so long it's all foreign to me. Thanks
  6. Corey Rock

    6 free Seger songs today only

    Thank you kind sir!
  7. Corey Rock

    Did Lady Gaga finally blow it?

    A total lack of respect and a horrible yet enabling example of what you CAN do at public places anywhere. Totally tasteless, any respect I did have for her is now gone. Talented or not, what she did was inappropriate.
  8. Corey Rock

    Song help please

    Thank you very to tell ya I do miss the Customer Service on this board....woot! Have a great Thursday. :)
  9. Corey Rock

    Song help please

    It's been a while since I used this site for help so here goes. I have a CU that wants the Song "Gin and Juice" from the group "The Sting Cheese Incident". Any ideas what album to find this wonderful song on? Thanks for helping
  10. Corey Rock

    Hey Booch!

    Holy Crap! I remember when this thread started. I see Big E is still hanging out. Can Herman come out and play? hehe =P
  11. Corey Rock

    Sound reinforcement

    Ken, I remember when you did this. I thought you did a great job. You, Mark, and Ryan all running around...almost as fun as the three...... :)
  12. Corey Rock

    MS Dance with Full Color Laser

    Very nice.
  13. Corey Rock

    060610 all out wedding reception

    I have been gone to long. All I can say is wow, simply beautiful. Mark, I hear they were eyeing up those veggie platters. lol
  14. Corey Rock

    Your Profile...

    OMG! What have I done?
  15. Corey Rock

    Bride wants out of contract (warning: long post)

    You saved yourself a nights worth of grief.
  16. Corey Rock

    my set last week

    Very clean looking. Sharp!
  17. Corey Rock

    Your Profile...

    But what if I don't want to Kenny? What then? hehe
  18. Corey Rock

    Almost three years ago....

    Was the last time I posted. I told Mark today on the phone I would visit Prodj and say hello. Has everyone been playing nicely? I certainly hope so. Feel free to respond if you remember the posts from yesteryear. To my friends, Mark Evans, Ryan B, Ken H., Mad Joe, and the cast of...
  19. Corey Rock

    Golf In Vegas @Mobile Beat

    If I make it this year I'll golf with ya.
  20. Corey Rock

    Does the amount of gear used make a difference?

    I've always been a believer that the entertainer (DJ) makes the show and not the amount of equipment. By all means bring enough to fill the room and a light show to illuminate the dance floor. Great entertainers don't need a 5K to 10K sound system or intels for a wedding. A customer only cares...