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  1. majorsoundsmusic

    Cloud Phone Number?

    Hey everybody, its been a while since I posted last. I am looking for an alternative solution to posting my personal cell phone number all over my website. I have been doing this, and the number of junk calls has increased. I am looking for an alternate phone number that I can forward to a...
  2. majorsoundsmusic

    Gig this past Saturday - Pics of setup

    This was from our wedding reception this past Saturday. This was the younger sister of a bride who's wedding we did two years ago. Nothing beats that kind of referral! Anyhow, Here are a couple of pics. Please let me know what you think.
  3. majorsoundsmusic

    Problems with Chauvet Obey 3 controller

    I have had this over a year. The last 2 times I used it, I have gone from basic colors for the uplighting, over to a "sound active" mode. After about an hour or so, the built in mic stops "responding" to the music, and no matter what I do, i can't get it to work right. Has anyone else had...
  4. majorsoundsmusic

    Wanted to share this, after looking at some sites and pictures.

    These are some basic things that were shared with me when I first started out, and I wanted to pass it on, after seeing what some use for their setups. So here goes: A) Cloth Tablecloths are cheap - get one black, and one white, and make sure you can toss them in the washer. B) You can get a...
  5. majorsoundsmusic

    Signal loss using Y adapter

    Has anyone had problems with major signal loss when connecting your laptop and CD player to the same channel on your mixer using a RCA Y Adapter?
  6. majorsoundsmusic

    Chauvet LED Pinspot 2 vs. Pocketspot LED

    Ok, Looking to pick up another LED pinspot. In the past I bought the ADJ version, but I am liking the prices on the Chauvet side. When I looked closer at the Chauvet, I saw the original that looks like a flat par. But, I like the small tubular style, like the ADJ. However, I like the...
  7. majorsoundsmusic

    Police Grand Entrance Theme Ideas

    Ok, Met with and booked a couple for their 9-10-11 wedding on Saturday. Groom is a Cop. We were talking and we started brainstorming for ideas for the grand entrance. Here is what we came up with so far: 1. Strobing Red and Blue Lights. I am planning on lining a short pathway by the door...