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  1. djTDC

    cx4 fan

    The muffin fan in one of my cx4s just died. Best place to find replacement? Have several others with same total hours - should I expect them to expire soon too? thanks.
  2. djTDC

    Top Duranguense songs

    Can't go wrong with Grupo Montéz de Durango. Ask the client for favs.
  3. djTDC

    How to Protect Facade?

    Girlfriend, sewing machine, and a mess of remnant cordura. Ran a tape of wide velcro along the opening. It was her cats hair all over it so she felt obliged. I too used the box for a while.
  4. djTDC

    Cleaning CX4s

    I've got to clean up some Martin CX4s that were hanging in a smoky bar for several years. Topside and fan coated with nicotine stained dust/fuzz. Before I open 'em up - any advice? Thanks.
  5. djTDC

    Martin Changers

    Any word on plans to replace the discontinued CX series?
  6. djTDC

    Having trouble finding Mac based DMX software. Anyone?

    My Mac Intel hardware runs Windows. DMX s/w isn't demanding. Fun Fact: Apple has now sold 100 MILLION iPods.
  7. djTDC

    Good BBQ music

    Plop-plop Fizz-fizz by Little Speedy
  8. djTDC


    Good place to start:
  9. djTDC

    Business Decision - Giving Up School Dances

    Give 'em one or two killer shows at your old rates - then raise your rates to what they should be for next year. After a couple iPod dances with no tight bass, and few or no lights they may reconsider. If not, move on. I did.
  10. djTDC

    Gaffers Tape less than $5.00 per roll

    For gaff tape comparison goto: select menu item = gaffers tape click 'comparison matrix' link on that page for chart.
  11. djTDC

    just sad...

    ... leave the kids alone.
  12. djTDC

    Uh Oh, Peter Merry is in trouble now...

    (Better off without a Wife - Tom Waits) All my friends are married every Tom and Dick and Harry you must be strong if you're to go it alone here's to the bachelors and the bowery bums and those who feel that they're the ones who are better off without a wife I like to sleep until...
  13. djTDC

    Has anyone seen this new cd / mixer combo from B-52?

    It's an American Audio CK-1000 CD/Mixer Combo W/Scratch FX.
  14. djTDC

    Great Dance Songs

    I've always been partial to Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride :wink:
  15. djTDC

    Are we worrying about the deck furniture?

    Pro photo's in same boat.
  16. djTDC

    Peter Merry's BIG announcement

    Don't just give your guests a DJ ... GIVE 'EM A WEDGie !
  17. djTDC

    Hmong music suggestions?

    Check links page.
  18. djTDC

    What's The One Piece of Gear You Can't Live Without?

    Sense of humor. And an SM58.
  19. djTDC

    EAW's move to China Get over it. Greed isn't a four letter word. (Can't wait for the handwringing when they kick our ass in the Olympics.) #1 reason to move to China. Cheap Labor, no benefits. #2 no EPA. Solvents, heavy...
  20. djTDC


    Version 5 is a must. Upgrade is $99. Get a big-ass firewire external.