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  1. djTDC

    cx4 fan

    The muffin fan in one of my cx4s just died. Best place to find replacement? Have several others with same total hours - should I expect them to expire soon too? thanks.
  2. djTDC

    Cleaning CX4s

    I've got to clean up some Martin CX4s that were hanging in a smoky bar for several years. Topside and fan coated with nicotine stained dust/fuzz. Before I open 'em up - any advice? Thanks.
  3. djTDC

    Martin Changers

    Any word on plans to replace the discontinued CX series?
  4. djTDC

    Acrobat to a 'T'

    My ultimate T-stand is filled up, gotta hang the Acrobat from the center knuckle - what's the best solution. Thanks.
  5. djTDC

    Check your Chauvet DMX-500 changers

    Three of my eight new Chauvet DMX-500 color changers came down with this afflliction (see photo). Wires weren't touching in crimp-nut. Current was passing through metal crimp clip. Check yours.
  6. djTDC

    Embedded video

    Please point me to an effective use of an embedded video on a dj webpage. Something short and sweet that is usable even for dial-up users.
  7. djTDC

    B52 ACT-1515

    Anyone have experiences they could share about using these in mobile situations?
  8. djTDC

    DMX cable - colors?

    Looking for a source of proper DMX cable in something other than black. Mogami mic cable comes in a variety of colors - why not DMX.
  9. djTDC

    Going lens-less

    At a gig last Sat. in a suspended-ceiling'd Moose hall I ran six Chauvet color-changers for wash with lenses removed. Pointed at walls and ceiling. Got a lot more color out of them and they ran considerably cooler to the touch - better airflow from back out-the-front hole? Anyone routinely...
  10. djTDC

    Birthday: 50th + Hunting Theme

    Everyone's coming in camo - 'cept me. Only specific request was any Charlie Daniels. I need help here. All I can think of is Ted Nugent - Fred Bear. Thanks. (It's a surprise thrown by wife and hunt'n buds)
  11. djTDC

    Mirror Ball to a 'T'

    Need tips for attaching mirror ball motor to a T-stand crossbar. Something I could hang quickly of course. Photos of sucessful setups appreciated. Thanks.
  12. djTDC

    'shroom bags

    I'm stuck carrying a couple Chauvet mushrooms around. What's best bag/case solution. Don't want to spend a lot but need to protect them as they're not mine.
  13. djTDC

    ball spinner

    Mirror ball. Is the ADJ 'MB-DMX' the only dmx motor available? I'd like be able to run the ball at least two speeds (slow/not-so-slow).
  14. djTDC

    When are strobes essential?

    Thinking of taking two 800W strobes out of my rig. When do you all find them absolutely essential. I can get some strobe effect from other lights when needed.
  15. djTDC

    case for 4 omegas

    Could someone recommend a single case for transporting 4 omega 250s with yokes and cables. Thanks.
  16. djTDC

    Lighting controller setup pics

    Could someone point me to some pics of clean lighting controller setups. How are they racked with the usual mixers, effects, laptops, for space efficiency. Or post yours here. Thanks.
  17. djTDC

    Work light

    We sometimes use an odyssey foldup fascade with shelf to conceal playlists, paperwork, water bottle, etc. We're looking for a kind of tubular light that we could velcro on the backside to illuminate paperwork on the shelf. Anyone using anything like this? Anyone have luck with those LED-lit...
  18. djTDC

    GigaPort USB1 vs 2

    I'm configuring a trusty older mac powerbook G3 (bronze/lombard) as (another) backup machine (w/ MegaSeg). Should be no disadvantage to using a USB-1 port for the GigaPort, right? Any advantage to GigaPort out my USB-2 cardbus adapter? Egosys 'manual' not much help. As usual a CDROM and 6...
  19. djTDC

    Two G2s / One Stand

    Need advice as to best way to support four 50-lb powered JBL G2s on two Ultimate TS-90 (150lb rated) stands. Anyone using the QuikLoc SB-202 for this? Best to run these paired side-by-side, right?