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  1. Steve Saltzman

    Prom Tunes?

    Do you want best or most popular?? Our first proms of the year are this weekend so I've been studying up recently... seems like a LOT of what is popular now has a somewhat strange "feel" as far as BPM and energy level goes. We don't normally play a lot of remixes, but have a feeling we may do...
  2. Steve Saltzman

    Used Gear - Buy, Sell Or Trade For May 2015

    Mystic LED doesn't throw as many beams, and narrower coverage pattern. Plus I'm not a big fan of the "look" of single color LED arrays for effect lights... just personal preference.
  3. Steve Saltzman

    Used Gear - Buy, Sell Or Trade For May 2015

    For Sale: Chauvet Corebar 4 System - Used for 3-4 events total. Just like new including case, stand, and manuals, however floor brackets seem to be MIA. $200 + actual shipping (have original box/packing materials) I have a picture of this but it won't seem to upload--PM or email for more info...
  4. Steve Saltzman

    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for December 2013

    For Sale: QSC RMX-2450 - $475 + actual shipping Ships in original box with manual. Immaculate condition--usually only got used a couple times a year for really busy weekends. 2 - QSX PLX 3002 - $550 ea + actual shipping Both in great shape and not used much the past few years. Pretty sure I...
  5. Steve Saltzman

    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for October 2012

    FOR SALE (pricing does not include shipping; contact for estimate) ***Pictures of all items available via email upon request Set of 4 Martin 518 Roboscan scanners; 250W discharge, rotating gobos, frost/prism, with two dual road cases with wheels & clamps included. Some of the last 518s...
  6. Steve Saltzman

    Single-Tripod Lighting Setup Ideas (wedding/school)

    Thanks for the info--the tip on the UC3 is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, and the quad scan does look interesting in terms of getting multiple beams with less hassle than individual scanners. For those of you using the UC3, do you find it user-friendly to adjust to different...
  7. Steve Saltzman

    Single-Tripod Lighting Setup Ideas (wedding/school)

    I'm looking to revamp our standard lighting setups, which get used mainly for weddings and small school dances. I haven't done a very good job of staying on top of the latest greatest gear the past few years, and am looking for advice on what's out there and what strategy would work best...
  8. Steve Saltzman

    DJ INSURANCE options (CHEAPEST + LIABILITY ONLY... ie, how to get the piece of paper)

    I would second Jake's suggestion to talk to local independent insurance agent... or maybe call/email several and see what they can find you. I was able to get better coverage than provided by the group policies at basically the same cost, but it took a few tries to get something that was cost...
  9. Steve Saltzman

    DBX DriveRack PA+ or PX

    We run driverack PAs in all of our systems. We still run almost everything passive, but they can certainly provide a benefit regardless of speaker type--I don't know of any powered speakers whose in-built processing includes feedback elimination or the ability to EQ themselves to the room. The...
  10. Steve Saltzman

    Questions for Photo Booth owners

    We screen anything that goes online, but normally the DVD provided to the client includes everything taken in the booth. I could see screening the DVD for school clients, however we haven't had much issue. The issue of explicit content being captured, disseminated, etc, is something that...
  11. Steve Saltzman

    Need some advice on MIC settings

    To help intelligibility, turn down the bass using the EQ on your mic channel. Low frequencies are the worst offenders when it comes to echo and long resonance time that makes everything sound muddy, and are not particularly important for speech recognition anyway. We've had good luck...
  12. Steve Saltzman

    DS40 printer takes a dookie at a wedding

    Knowingly providing a service with a single point of failure is playing with fire in my book--especially something with as many moving parts as a dye sub photo printer. Perhaps I value my reputation more than you do. Even if you're too much of a cheapskate to carry real backup printer, you...
  13. Steve Saltzman

    The popularity of photobooths?

    Ours have done well for us. There is a fair amount of speculation in the PB industry that prices are being driven down by competition/bottom feeders/etc, however much like DJing I think there will always be demand for photo booths offering a quality service even if that isn't the lowest price...
  14. Steve Saltzman

    Portable projection screens

    Da-lite Fastfold, Draper Cinefold, or Screenworks EZ-Fold are the main three I'm aware of. I believe they all offer dual-purpose surfaces that can be used either front or rear projection, however I don't know how performance compares to having separate front and rear surfaces. Can sometimes...
  15. Steve Saltzman

    Everything on this board is SLOW

    Same story here--I'm on Qwest/Centurylink DSL and primarily use Firefox 6. After several weeks of literally not being able to get a single page to load, ever, I've finally been able to see the board index last night and tonight. But, if I click on a thread it never loads. To read this thread...
  16. Steve Saltzman

    Anyone using WEDJ Insurance?

    I just pulled up Erie's website and it doesn't appear they offer insurance in Iowa--at least Iowa isn't an option in the agent finder.
  17. Steve Saltzman

    Anyone using WEDJ Insurance?

    Well, they offered to cancel my policy and refund my payment outright without me asking for it or mentioning "attorney general". This leads me to believe they are very in the wrong on this... Have a couple emails out to independent agents to see what I can find locally...
  18. Steve Saltzman

    Anyone using WEDJ Insurance?

    I was just looking at the rider for my 2011-12 renewal... the deductible for the equipment coverage in the inland marine section shows $250--which I believe is what's it's always been. However, I just noticed there's a note at the very bottom--in the "special conditions" section--that says the...
  19. Steve Saltzman

    What do you use for cord cases?

    We use Rubbermaid Roughneck containers also. I'm not sure of the gallons but typically we use the medium-height ones for cables. Pretty sure I've never replaced one, and some have to be bordering on 10 years old.
  20. Steve Saltzman

    My Stuff Was Stolen!

    I had/have the same concerns as Ken. I assume you have insurance on your DJ gear? What type/company do you use? Have you talked to them and are they going to cover the loss? I'm not 100% sure, but if I remember correctly from reading through the main policy a couple years ago I believe the...