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    Which music subscription is the best these days?

    I have been subscribing to ERG Music for years...wondering if there is anything better?? I notice they have been a little slow at releasing some new hits.
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    Easy, no frills DJ software?

    Hey all- I have been DJing weddings for about 20 years and have been digital for over 5 years. I have been using PCDJ VJ because I do offer karaoke service. I am looking at another computer and would like to install DJ software but I don't need (because I don't use) all of the mixing...
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    Projector rental fee?

    I have had a few calls this past summer asking if I had a projector to rent for a slideshow(they are weddings that I DJ'ed for so it would be an add-on). How much do you usually charge just for the projector?
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    Best software for keeping track of gigs

    I was wondering what you guys use to keep track of your gigs. I have been using DJ Calendar and it has been fine, just wondering if there is something as easy to use but better. I am upgrading to a new computer and I can't transfer the DJ Calendar from one to the other, so now is a good...
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    Ripping CD's software

    I used to use Audiograbber to rip my cd's but I have a new computer with Vista. Is there any software(possibly freeware) that is compatible with Vista that rips and also "finds" the track names?
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    Words getting scrambled during song...?

    I have recently gone completely digital with my setup. I used audiograbber to upload my karaoke discs into my computer. Certain songs start out clear, but as the song continues, parts of the lyrics(or letters more specifically) stay on the screen and continue to the next set of lyrics and so...
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    TV connection help...

    I have a laptop with HDMI output(no S-video output). I have a 19" LCD TV for the singers and I usually pipe into one of the bar's TV as well. In the past it hasn't been an issue, because I didn't have a laptop and I would just split the video cable with a Y-cable. I bought an HDMI...
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    Anyone familiar with the Gigaport HD...I can't figure it out!

    I installed the software and the Gigaport HD via the USB do I connect it to my mixer? Patch cables? On the Gigaport HD device itself, it has Analog Out: 1, 2, 3, etc. Does each one represent a separate channel? Or do I connect a patch cable with white on 1, red on 2 , then...
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    Does anyone own and use the BOSE "noise-cancelling" headphones?

    I realize these are quite pricey ($350), but does anyone use these for DJing?
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    Hooking up an HDMI output to HDMI Tv input

    Hey guys- Quick question... ...I have a laptop with only HDMI output. I recently purchased a TV with an HDMI input. I use PCDJ VJ and would like to know how to show videos and karaoke without showing them my view(which is the PCDJ program). Thanks!
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    Want new look...need help.

    Hey all- I appreciate your input and your expertise... ...I am looking at revamping my set-up. I really would like to add a monitor/flat screen to the truss and also replace my light show with something new and improved. I want it to look clean and don't want to go crazy with lights, but...
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    Have laptop, how do I tie it into my system????

    I have recently entered into the digital world of DJing. I have the laptop, have PCDJ VJ installed and uploaded all of my music from CD's. What else do I need to tie it into my system(Numark 200FX mixer). In addition to the regular music, I have karaoke and video that I plan on using as...
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    Wireless LAV mics

    I am looking at this system for wedding ceremonies. Does anyone know anything about these? Are they any good? Shure PG188/PG185 Dual Lavalier Wireless System It retails for about $550.
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    Anybody ever use the Bob Barker microphone?

    I was looking through my gear magazine and I saw a Gemini "Mighty" microphone that looks like something Bob Barker used except it plugs directly into your mixer. I realize that Gemini isn't the the highest of quality, but have any of you used one similar and how does it work? Currently, I...
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    I'm Going Digital!! MAC or PC? Best DJ software?

    I don't want to make this post more difficult than what it should be. Do you prefer a MAC or a PC for DJing? What is the best software for DJing? I would love to run my karaoke through the computer as well. Possibly video(VJ) in the future.
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    Can you spend too much on lighting?

    I have been a DJ for over 15 years, and I have purchased pinspots, spin and puke lights and other lower cost lighting units. I have been thinking about upgrading my lighting package, but I am wondering if it is worth the extra investment and is it really going to impress the client and their...
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    How do you organize your events?

    Hey all- I use DJ Calendar to keep track of my events. I don't use it to its maximum capacity, but I wanted to keep it simple yet effective. What do you guys use? Or, how do you keep your events organized? Are there any other programs/processes that you like better?
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    Lavalier microphones for wedding ceremonies!?

    I recently expanded my service to include wedding ceremony music/sound. I have two ceremonies booked for the summer and am thinking about purchasing a lavalier microphone. Based on your experience, do you have a preference? I am a big fan of Shure, but I don't know if I want to spend that...
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    How to spice up a school dance...

    In addition to playing the newest music...(ex. Soldja Boy), what do you do to switch things up a little bit? I know that middle school kids are probably too cool for silly games, but do you do any special dances with them(maybe a soul train? conga line?) Any ideas would be great!!
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    13th Birthday party...ideas?

    I booked a job a couple days ago for a 13th birthday party. They own a golf course and originally thought they would have the party at their house with 50 of her friends. However, the mother told her that they would have it at the clubhouse instead and that she can invite all of the 7th and...