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  1. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    4-18 Wedding Pic Songlist Report

    Let me start off by saying that it has been awhile since I had an outside event. It was a really nice day with lots and I mean LOTS of people hanging out around the pool and beach, so yes, I will be adding some pics to the Chuck The DJ gallery for my friends to check out. This was an agent...
  2. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    My School Dance Last night

    School's used to be my thing when I was on the Mainland, here not so much because they just don't pay. Proms for $400.00! Damm DJ's! LOL Anyway, last night I had a 7th & 8th grade "Rookie" dance. It's the only dance of the year for the 7th graders. I have done this dance I think for 4...
  3. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    Karaoke Company Party...

    Seems like I do a lot of these. Kinda boring really. I used to like them because there was less pressure on me as a DJ. If someone sucked when they sang, it was no reflection on me. But the "agents" seem to like my show, and as long as I am working who cares, right? Saturday night was for...
  4. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    Chuck's New Light Show?

    is this Chuck's new light show???? no! it's a Pineapple picker,,, night and day shots
  5. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    E-Mail Booking

    I got this e-mail and then booked the gig,,, for those who say they blow these off,,, glad I didn't.... _____________________________________________________________ In a message dated 3/3/2009 12:10:52 P.M. Hawaiian Standard Time, writes: I wsa wondering if you were...
  6. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    Gig Report 2-19

    Aloha,, This was an event at the Ritz Carlton on 2-19 while most of you were at Mobile Beat trying to figure out if the exhibit hall was bigger or smaller than last year, I had to work. I had planned on going but in a "Chuck"s Stupid" moment I forgot to tell my agents I was going and when they...
  7. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    My Super Bowl Party

    I was hired to do Karaoke and dance music at a private party at the Westin Maui Resort for a company called ISI. The bad part was I had to be set by 11am, which means I had to be there by 9, which means I got there at 7:45, I'm always early. They had 250 people and what you can't really...
  8. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    Why Am I Here?

    Sometimes I wonder why I hang on all these DJ sites, and yes this will be a "spam" post so for those of you who visit more than one site, you only have to open this once. Anyway, sometimes after reading all the info that is posted and seeing all the wonderful ideas that are out there and...
  9. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    My Gig Last Night w/Pics

    Last night was just another, in a line as of late, Cocktail - Dinner - Karaoke night at the Fairmount Kea Lani in Wailea. I have one tonight also, but it is a "club" theme and I will be using my full light show. The only strange deal was that they had to keep the music no more than 60 DB,, so...
  10. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    New Photos From Chuck

    Sorry No Bikinis, but these are from last night.. New Photos added, please take a look and post a comment, if you do, I promise you will get back great Maui vibes!
  11. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    Join My FaceBook Group... ummm,, why? Just because! LOL Come on,,, please please please!!!
  12. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    My Holiday Party Last Night

    Last night I did the company party for the Fairmount Kea Lani Resort. It was a "Disco Theme. They have cocktails and pupus outside and when they opened the doors I cranked up "Disco Inferno and then into Boogie Wonderland. Set a GREAT tone I thought. So they had dinner, gave away a few...
  13. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    My Gig Last Night

    Maui Medical Group 300 peeps, huge for me! LOL 5:30 - 9:30pm,,,, after that, they went to the club in the hotel that is not used only for special events. They had a DJ down there, who referred me to them for the first part of the night. I was hired to play background and then supply...
  14. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    Song List from Sat. Night

    My Holiday Party Sat. Night was 4 hours and I played background during pupus and dinner and then they did Karaoke. I mixed in Holiday music with other fun songs. there were about 60 peeps and they liked to drink. LOL I didn't take any pics because the wife has the camera in Cali. So...
  15. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    4 U, Hawaiian Holiday Music these are 4 songs by my fave local guy, just to give you a taste of the islands for the holiday... let me know what you think....
  16. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    Golf At The Plantation Course...

    For those of you not on any other board.... Yes,, right where they hold the season opening PGA game, The Mercedes Championship! Me Herb Haloti and Travis.. I love playing this place. It will be my 3rd time playing it... as would be expected for a PGA course, it will be hard... Yeahh...
  17. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    Black Friday Deals

    It would be great if you hear of something cool, either DJ related or non-DJ related if you would share a link... I don't have one yet,,, but Sears is opening at 5 am!
  18. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    My New Speakers

    I just bought two EV EV ZAX 5's Long story, but EV was here on Maui... And I bought them... I'll use them tomorrow night and let ya all know... see ya in a few days!
  19. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    11-11 Pic - Songlist

    My event last night was at the Fairmont Kea Lani Resort... It was for Volvo Dealers of CA... small group and at about 9:15 (gig went till 10) they let the kids come in... The event was from 7 to 10,,, they had cocktails outside and came in for dinner - awards - dance.. During Conga, two...
  20. Maui Mobile Music Chuck

    Do You Use A "Rock-n-Roller" Cart?

    and if you do, I have a problem with my swivel wheels losing air. I was thinking about filling them with that can of "Fix-a-Flat" stuff,,, to help seal it... any thoughts?