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    BEST moving head for around/under $1,000??

    I'm looking to purchase 2-4 moving heads to upgrade and complement what I have. I currently have 12 Chauvet AccuScans and 12 Chauvet AccuSpot 250 IIs. The lights have been great for what we use and are workhorses, but I'm also looking to upgrade. My criteria are: Brightness Prism Price...
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    Just a few pics from a brand NEW Homecoming Set

    Just wanted to show a couple pics from a new setup we launched at a Homecoming this past weekend. This was at just 1 of 7 Homecomings we had on Saturday night, but I thought the setup looked pretty cool: 40' Overhead Trussing 4 10' Truss Columns 4 8' White Columns 8 Moving Heads Tons of LEDs 6...
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    The MOST IMPORTANT event of my life - MY WEDDING - check it out =)

    Hey all, Well, I got married this past Saturday to the love of my life! As you can imagine, we went pretty all-out with the lighting and the decor. We also had a few special surprises. We filmed a special entrance video that played on 4 50" plasma screens before our introduction, and also...
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    Looking to BUY crank stands for box truss

    Hi gang, I'd like to buy 2 more crank stands for my global box truss. I'd prefer the stand to have a flat footprint and not a tripod-style footprint. The stand must be able to crank AT LEAST 14', preferably 16' or so. I liked both of these: Applied XL-16 Lift Global ST-157 I notice...
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    "DANCING ON A CLOUD" effect at a Wedding...MY WEDDING - help

    Hi guys, I'm getting married in August to the love of my life, and my company will be doing all the lighting, entertainment, etc so I promise there will be pics to follow (there will be 20 moving lights and 4 plasmas at the Wedding haha) But my question is this: I'd like to, if...
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    PLEASE HELP - Short Throw Projector needed!

    Hey, I'm looking at incorporating some unique video elements in some new set designs. To do this, I need a video projector that's relatively bright (bright enough to be clear in a somewhat dim ballroom or gym, but by no means rock concert quality). The main thing is I would like a...
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    A "Unique" Showcase Setup w/ Photos

    Just wanted to share a unique concept my area does, and our booth. This past Sunday, we participated in a Prom and AfterProm showcase. It's run just like a Bridal Show, but for high school students and their parents! It was our first year there. We decided to do something unique with our...
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    Just a couple set-up pics!

    I always love getting comments and feedback from you guys about our set-ups, so I wanted to share a couple recent ones. These are from various Mitzvahs, Homecomings, and the last one is from a recent Mitzvah Showcase/Expo booth. Let me know what you think or if you have any...
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    Our FIRST video blog!

    After learning from Jason Jani at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City, we decided to implement video blogs into our events. I'd like to invite the ProDJ community to check out the first installment! It is meant to be a rough, candid type of video, not a cleverly edited video. This is our first...
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    2010 Season #1 - Year in Review by Photos!

    With the first major "season" for 2010 over (Mitzvah/Wedding/Prom), I wanted to share some photos of different sets we've done throughout the season. The last few are setups/booths from Bridal Showcases - we like to stand out! Any questions, comments, or feedback, as always, is appreciated! =)...
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    Some NEW Set-Up Pics from a B'Nai Mitzvah Showcase

    Just wanted to share a couple of pics from our booth at a recent Bar and Bat Mitzvah Showcase. Any comments or questions, let me know! =)
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    Is my company unique, or are there others on this board??

    Just started thinking about something while surfing the boards again and was just curious... My company performs at around 150-200 events per year. We do zero (0) Weddings. We perform exclusively at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, and School Dances. Just wondering if there are other...
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    A Few NEW Setups with Pics!

    Hey guys, Just unveiled a couple of new setups and would love your feedback! These are mostly used at Mitzvahs, but also at Schools and Sweet 16s. Any comments, questions, feedback is appreciated! -Brian
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    NEW Setup and Action Pics from Weekend

    Hey gang, Just wanted to share some new setup pics from the last couple weekend's gigs. The first set is from a Bat Mitzvah this past Saturday night at a Congregation in Washington, DC. The second is from a Bat Mitzvah for the President of the Washington Redskins' daughter's Bat...
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    NEW Setup Pics from Weekend Showcase

    Hey guys, This past Sunday we had our second annual interactive Bar and Bat Mitzvah Showcase called MitzvahZone. More than 150 people attended and it was a great success! For more info on the event itself, check out These pics were taken after the event so...
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    New Sweet 16 Setup Pics!

    Hey guys, We did a pretty big Sweet 16 last weekend and tried out a new set-up. MTV actually contacted us about filming this party for a new "Sweet 16 battle show" they are doing, but there weren't any other big Sweet 16's going on at the same time to battle against. Any...
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    Photos from Bar/Bat Mitzvah Showcase

    We just did another Bar/Bat Mitzvah Showcase this past weekend and tried a new setup. I wanted to share some photos with my favorite web community! Any questions or comments are greatly appreciated.
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    Just Launched Our New Website!

    Hey gang, This afternoon, we launched a brand new website. Although the content and photos are not 100% yet, most of the website is finalized. Any comments, questions, or feedback is appreciated! I'm really happy with how it turns out, and would love to hear what you all think. -Brian...
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    Quick Set-Up Pic

    I posted this in the School Dance forum but wanted to post it here, also. This is from a College Sorority Formal I provided all of the entertainment, decorations, and event planning services for. I thought this set-up looked pretty cool so I wanted to post it! The girls were blown away by the...
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    Quick New Set-Up Pic

    This is from a College Sorority Formal I provides all of the entertainment, decorations, and event planning services for. I thought this set-up looked pretty cool so I wanted to post it! The girls were blown away by the custom dance floor - it was really cool. Any comments, questions, or...