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    DJing my first wedding in a month and want to make sure I'm doing things right

    Do you guys have any tips? I have the gear and everything. Got my planner from the bride and groom. The only thing I'm worried about is music and MCing. Got any tips? Any tips are very much appreciated. Thanks!!!!
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    Wireless Microphone Problems

    Hey guys, I just got my Wireless Microphones in off Ebay and I'm having some problems. When I connect the receiver to my mixer and push the fader up I'm getting slight humming/buzzing sound through my speakers. Please keep in mind this is with the transmitter turned off, the same thing...
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    Insurance for United States and Canada ?

    A buddy of mine is a DJ here in the states but he will be doing a wedding up in Canada in June. I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions for insurance companies ? He's just starting out and would like to have a policy that is going to cover in both the US and Canada. I already checked...
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    Static or noise coming through speakers ? HELP!

    Hi guys, I have a Ev zx1 and when I play music at loud volumes it sounds like a hissing sound is coming from the speakers. I am playing music through my laptop to my Denon DNX500 mixer and then from there to the DBX EQ and then from there to my Crossover and then to my amps and then...
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    NL4 or speakon help ?

    Does anyone know if a neutrik NL4 connectors are the same as regular speakon ? I don't want to buy regular speakon cords if they won't work. I'm looking to use them for my EV zx1's THanks
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    Ev zx1

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with these ? I need a pair of speakers that can handle events up to 90 people or so. I have some weddings coming up were I'm double booked and I'm sending guys out with another system and I'm going to be short a sound system. Does anyone now how well...
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    Global Truss Arch System

    Hey everyone, I have the global truss arch system and I'm looking for some lights to use as truss warmers. The truss is very narrow and I'm having trouble finding lights that would fit inside the narrow pieces. I have found some lights on Ebay that look exactly like the Chauvet Color splash...