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    Mother- Son

    I need some sugestions for mother-son dance. They want a up beat song.
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    High School Band Ball 4/24/09

    Here is the playlist from a band ball I did last weekend. This is my forth year in a row doing this event for the school. I will post pics later. Halo Beyonce Download Lil Kim ft Pain...
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    Crossover or Not?

    I got in to debate with another dj about build in crossovers. How much harm will it cause the sub to run a sub satellite system. Basically the sub and tops running on the same amp. I currently run my 2 JBL SF15 and JBL 118 subs
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    does anyone own this light.

    This light seems to be price really cheap does own one. s
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    chauvets stage wash vs LED wash lighting

    I notice that you can get chauvets stagewash 900 really cheap. Does anyone use them in their lighting set up. Or is it better just to go with led lighting.
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    1st prom and sweating bullets

    I book my first prom and I’m not to sure what to play. The prom coordinator sent me a list, but it looked like something the teacher came up with. Guns and roses... Welcome to the jungle, dont cry, Poison..... something to believe in, every rose has its thorne, skid row..... I remember you...
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    older Instrumental

    I would like to hello to all. I have a little problem on my hands. I have been doing wedding reception for a while now, but this is a first for me. I need a couple instrumental and don’t have a clue where to find them. Natlie Cole- inseparable, Luther Vandross - so amazing. Any help is well...