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  1. Kevin Nichols

    7/18 Corporate evetn

    I had a corporate event with Hillshire Farms / Ryder on Friday night. Not really well run, but I did as I was told!
  2. Kevin Nichols

    Paula's Filipino Debut on 7/12

    I had the privilege of entertaining at Paula's Filipino Debut last Saturday.
  3. Kevin Nichols

    Kim's Filipino Debut

    Kim's 18th Birthday party at the Marriott Downtown Macon. In the Philippines, an 18th birthday is called a Debut, much like a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Quinceañera. Enjoy!
  4. Kevin Nichols

    Event Video Log from 6/28

    We had 3 events on 6/28. Kristen took care of the photo booth at one wedding, while I did a photo booth rental in the afternoon and then had a wedding with Angela manning the booth there, while I DJ'ed. Enjoy! I can't get this to embed, so here's the link...
  5. Kevin Nichols

    Vlog for 6/14

    Kevin and Angela of DKH Entertainment travel to Hampton, GA for Tyler and Kourtney Littlejohn's wedding celebration.
  6. Kevin Nichols

    Gig log with the new Atlanta Photo Booth Video Facade

  7. Kevin Nichols

    ISO Sennheiser SKM 100 G2

    Sennheiser SKM 100 G2 the power button on my G2 mic broke off the circuit board! This mic still works and is a great back up to my newer one. Anybody have an extra handheld laying around? I need a freq range of 518-554. Thanks! kev
  8. Kevin Nichols

    Setup pics from several gigs this week

    Sunday, I DJ'ed at the Cox Capitol Theatre in Macon, for a grad party for the Mount De Sales seniors and their parents. I plugged into the house system, since I know the sound guy, and concentrated on the lighting. A Five Finger Death Punch video was the inspiration. Hayden was with me...
  9. Kevin Nichols

    Wedding on 1/19

    I haven't posted gig logs in a while......just too darn busy! Anyway, this is one I wanted to share. Brandon is one of the guys that works with me and he got married this past Saturday. I can't wait to get the pro pics, but here are some I pulled off Facebook and that I took. Enjoy!
  10. Kevin Nichols

    Snow machines

    Does anybody have a snow machine that I can rent for a wedding in January? It needs to be one that has adjustable output. Thanks! kev
  11. Kevin Nichols

    I need your help!

    For those of you that hate my goatee, here's your chance! I want to raise money for diabetes research. Here's all you have to do. Help me raise $1500 by January 31 and I will shave it off....completely! More info can be found here...
  12. Kevin Nichols

    Vlog from 6/4

    What a great time at Healy Point Country Club. Irene and Andy had some awesome friends and family help them celebrate their union. Steve Schroeder shot the photos, while Amanda's Cakery made the cakes. As always, Marianne's crew from Healy Point did a bang up job! Caryl kept the catering side...
  13. Kevin Nichols

    Vlog form 5/7

    Vlog from Alex and Daniel's wedding day.
  14. Kevin Nichols

    Vlog from last Satureday

    I was really concerned about the security at the gate of Robins AFB, so I totally cleaned my trailer of anything I didn't need and took off, giving myself 45 minutes to get thru security. They didn't even bother looking in the trailer and I was thru in under 5 minutes!! The officers' club...
  15. Kevin Nichols

    vlog from 5/19

    My ex had to go out of town, so I took Hayden along with me to Hubbard Elementary school for their 5th grade dance. He enjoyed checking out the "cute girls" and totally reminded me of Johnny Dee, as he ran the lighting computer! I also forgot to grab my camera bag, so everything, video and...
  16. Kevin Nichols

    Stratford Middle School Dance

    I was asked again this year to provide DJ services for Stratford Middle School. I played all the hot songs and they hardly danced. They just wanted to "hang out". Go figure! Anyway, enjoy what I did get! kev
  17. Kevin Nichols

    Central High's prom

    Central High School was treated to one heck of a prom this year! The administration said it's the first time that the kids stayed till the end. Enjoy!
  18. Kevin Nichols

    4th/5th grade dance at Springdale

    I provided entertainment for the Springdale Elementary 4th and 5th grade dance. I was trying to come up with something different as far as setup and remembered a picture that Kris Nardini posted once and decided to replicate it. Enjoy the video! kev
  19. Kevin Nichols

    Riley turns 13!

    Got a chance to help Riley celebrate her 13th birthday party at the SoChi Gallery. Riley's mom works there and is a photographer, so alot of the images are hers. enjoy! kev
  20. Kevin Nichols

    Nick and Kelly's Reception

    I had the privilege of entertaining at Nick and Kelly's wedding reception on Saturday. What a fun couple! Kelly had no choice but to have a nice reception as her mom is quite the planner/decorator! Once you've met Joan, you feel like you've known her your whole life. The reception was in...