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  1. djopt

    Disappearing Hard Drive

    I am having an issue with my large rackmount PC system. Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue or ever heard of it. In my rackmount PC, I have the following: OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit CPU AMD x4955 Motherboard Asus M5A97 Memory 8gig Graphics Card...
  2. djopt

    Looking for Jake...

    This may seem a little odd but.....back in the late 90's I purchased a case from a Case Builder/DJ named Jake. His case company was called TITAN CASES, and his DJ service was Ace Entertainment in Indianapolis, Indiana. If any one knows who I am referring to, please let me know. The case was...
  3. djopt

    Monitor Mount

    Hello all! I have searched the forums several times and could not find a current thread bout this. I am going from a laptop to a rackmount CPU. I am looking for options for mounting a monitor in my rack. I am going to have a custom rack built after I decide on the monitor mount. I...
  4. djopt

    Another DJ Website with Stolen Images

    Man, some DJs just don't get it! I ran across a website of a "Nationwide" DJ. He has several pics on his site that I know I have seen on quite a few of the more honorable DJs sites. You might want to check and see if any of your images are on this site. One of "their" DJs is a good friend of...
  5. djopt

    Odd Issue

    Hello, I am running Numark Cue, Hercules RMX. The first RMX console I received had a bad "hiss" problem. So after a lengthy test process, Hercules finally switched it out for me. The new one works great "except" the right jog dial is in scratch mode, unless I activate the scratch button, then...
  6. djopt

    2008 Houston Mobile Dj Symposium

    For a web version of this email go to: 2008 Houston Mobile DJ Symposium Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 10:00 am – 9:00 pm Sponsored by: American DJ/American Audio/Elation and Venue Supply (! Co-Sponsored by: Mobile...
  7. djopt

    Drum Sticks

    Hello all, Does any one know where I could find inexpensive colored drum sticks? I have tried my usual party supply vendors with no luck. I am looking for preferably neon colored ones, but at this point.... I will need about 75-85 pair. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
  8. djopt

    Transporting Trussing

    I have the Global Truss Arch System (triangle) with extra height and width pieces. I am trying to find ideas on a good way to transport it in my trailer. (Besides just stacking it up)The longest piece is 68 inches. Thanks in advance,
  9. djopt

    Maybe a Dumb Question

    What ever happened to the "Free Stuff" section? It has been a while since I looked for it. Now I am looking for the Mobile Beat Series & Platinum Series Track listings & I can't seem to locate them. Help? Thanks in advance,
  10. djopt

    Odd Request

    Hello all, I have a bride who has stumped me and all of my local fellow DJs. She wants an Waltz for her first dance. No problem...right? Wrong. it HAS to be either a current song or a classic rock tune. No Sinatra, no country no Rod Stewart redoing an old Sinatra song...etc. Any suggestions...
  11. djopt

    DJ Conventions

    Does any one know of a calendar showing when/where the convertions/seminars are through out the year? Thanks, Djopt
  12. djopt

    Laptop vs. Rackmount

    Hello Everyone! I am in the process of ripping my cds over to an external HD. I am haveing trouble deciding on if I should use a laptop or a rackmount PC. I understand about the cooling aspect of a rackmount system. I don't want the laptop for one main reason, CABLES!!! The problem I have...