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  1. fusionsound

    Pioneer XDJ-R1

    How many of you guys are considering the XDJ-R1 as a possible upgrade and more compact solution to your current systems? I've been thinking about it, as it offers all the possible media formats that you would need (USB, WIFI, CD, MIDI), only real drawback is the 1 microphone input.
  2. fusionsound

    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Jan 2012

    Selling my 5 month old Pioneer DDJ-S1 w/ Black Pro-X-Case, excellent shape. Have the original box, cable and power adapter for the S1. Name your price. Laptop shelf, Macbook, Sennheiser & headphones not included
  3. fusionsound

    Suggestions on a good gift for a fellow DJ under $100..

    LOL, I think that would ruin the friendship :P
  4. fusionsound

    Suggestions on a good gift for a fellow DJ under $100..

    We've actually been good friends for over 6 years, he got me into the business and has been a guiding hand ever since. He's a big Red Sox fanatic, thats for sure lol
  5. fusionsound

    Suggestions on a good gift for a fellow DJ under $100..

    Tis the season, and one of the most difficult tasks is figuring out what to get people for the holidays. One that has me really puzzled is a DJ friend of mine, we both set our limits for each other at $100, but I have no clue what I should get him for Christmas. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
  6. fusionsound

    Rack Mount Software Controller

    Pioneer MEP-7000/SEP-C1! Been using it for over 2 years, and love it. Most reliable and quality piece of equipment I've ever used.
  7. fusionsound

    Most popular Reggae music (current stuff and greatest hits)

    Alot of our Christmas parties here in Connecticut, we tend to get alot of requests for new and old danceable reggae, what are the most popular current and the must haves in Reggae music?
  8. fusionsound

    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Dec 2011

    Ultimate Support Silver Speaker Stands, work great, does show signs of wear. Shipping $35 all of the USA, name your price!
  9. fusionsound

    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Nov 2011

    Bought this case for a Denon MC6000 off of eBay brand new, never opened or used it. It's black and has the gliding laptop shelf, made by Pro X Cases out of New York. Will sell for $140, shipping included!
  10. fusionsound

    Pioneer DDJ ERGO - Thoughts?

    placed my order today for mine, should get it tomorrow, can't wait!
  11. fusionsound

    Pioneer DDJ ERGO - Thoughts?

    Hi Everyone, The DDJ Ergo, although limited, seems like it would make good as a backup/ceremony system. Anyone have any thoughts on the system, even considerations in getting it? Street price is around $500 which isn't bad, even though it caters to the bedroom DJ, I may pick it up as a backup...
  12. fusionsound

    Price drop on Pioneer DDJ-S1 Controllers

    @skeeter: is an authorized Pioneer dealer @djstevieray: Yeah, i noticed that too, i also ended up getting an email from Pioneer saying that starting the 1st of September, they notified all their retailers of the new price drop. zZounds dropped it the night before :-)
  13. fusionsound

    Price drop on Pioneer DDJ-S1 Controllers

    Yesterday I was so close to purchasing a DDJ-S1 during the day, but last night I went back to finalize the purchase and saw that Pioneer must have advised all retailers that they've dropped the price! $1299 to $999, I can only assume with all the other competition (Numark NS6, etc.) that they...
  14. fusionsound

    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for August 2011

    Selling my Pioneer MEP-7000, includes everything. Bought a DDJ-S1 instead, going with a more compact system!
  15. fusionsound

    EV112p vs JBL PRX 112m

    I've had the ELX112P for about 2 months already, been extremely happy with it. I use it mainly for cocktail and ceremony, got mine for $424!!
  16. fusionsound

    My New RMX/MC 6000 Add-On Case

    The Gemini color scheme of the faceplate looks EXACTLY like
  17. fusionsound

    New setup

    Why not get the Denon MC6000? They have a custom case from Odyssey that has the slide out laptop shelf, plus the built in mixer is analog too so you can run it without being hooked up to a laptop.
  18. fusionsound

    saw this on another site..

    The KW122 getting a better score than the K12? Same parts, same drivers. Guess it's true, Wood is better than plastic!
  19. fusionsound

    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for April 2011

    For Sale: 1 - QSC Powerlight 3.4 Amplifier, works great with very minor static in knobs when turning (no static when set) asking $550 plus shipping - These are Tour Grade amplifiers 2 - Stewart World 2.1 Amplifier, also works great, excellent, reliable and rare amplifier. Does show some...