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    Digital DJ Controllers

    Been using the American Audio VMS4.1 now for two years and it has been great. I do mostly weddings. No issues at all in two years. Been using at a bar every Friday now since October, flawless. Great price. I also use Virtual DJ.
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    Ceremony system revised... thought in process

    Every ceremony I have had to do any sound, it has been simple and basic. I have never needed more than one mic, or more than one speaker. For two years and a big uptick in ceremonies I have used one EON 515XT and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10 inch, using a Durecell 600 powerpack to power the EON...
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    Monster, Go DJ!

    This would be more for Ceremonies. But I will stick with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10 inch for my ceremonies. I would need some major glasses to see that little thing.
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    The Return of the Spin & Pukes...Yea!

    I have stuck with DMXing all my lights. On my 8ft tower I have 4 LED par 64's, a Martin EFX500, a 16 inch mirror ball and a Chauvet Omega 250c that lights up the mirror ball. Going non DMX it would get a bit busy with multiple UC3 controllers and remotes. A DMX controller and I have total...
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    HELP: What would you use to edit 2 songs together?

    I have been using Magix Music Maker for years. I have 2013 now. Great for any mix. I have mixes of 5 to six songs in a row.
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    Denon MC 6000 Issue

    I had this issue with the American Audio VMS4.1 a couple of weeks ago. I deleted the audio driver and then re-installed it, that fixed my issue. Driver must have gotten corrupted.
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    Arch Truss kit

    This makes me think about my old setup. The arch truss is a two person setup, when my business partner left I eventually had to sell this, it was way to much trouble by myself. The mini clams are great, never once bent the aluminum. I now have one single 8 foot tower, all my lights are mounted...
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    Laptop mixing, options to look into

    Simple and free, BPM Studio. For ceremonies I use my Galaxy 10 inch Tablet with a simple mixing app. I have a pair of DXR12's coming in this week. Been using EON515XT's.
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    Downloadable karaoke songs

    Do the one on Amazon also have the graphics?
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    Denon - DISAPPOINTING for sure!

    American Audio VMS4.1 is going strong after two years. Not one issue yet.... :)
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    VDJ freezes at wedding last night

    Do you use a mouse? I use a mouse, I started out using a wireless mouse but it caused some headaches one night and I never used it again. I was on VDJ and had my VMS4.1 with the wireless mouse, VDJ kept freezing, that night was not a wedding. Never figured out the problem that night. Next gig it...
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    Venue Staff breaking down the room early

    Big pet peeve of mine, the staff breaking down early, unprofessional and tacky. I would also add that an even bigger issue in my area is less staff doing the job. Great service is slowly changing by skeleton crews at some very nice venues. Dinner taking much longer than ever before because of...
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    Ceremony slim-line unit

    I have been using the laptop but my next ceremony it is going to be the Galaxy Tab 2, 10 inch. Found a great App for those smooth transitions, it is not labeled under DJ apps but it has two decks and a playlist, found it under MP3 players. I tried the other DJ apps and this one is better than...
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    Anyone Else Sick Of Political Correctness?

    Political Correctness is a tool around the first Amendment and the sheeple play along. Truly sad.
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    Jamstar Elite LED

    I have a half of a row of red going out and all the red tends to be half power. I was hoping to get through this wedding season and then buy two SlimPAR-64's. With the Jamstars on my truss tower I also have two SlimPAR-56's. Four LED pars in all and all programmed for this season.
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    Jamstar Elite LED

    Jamstar Elite... Does anyone have these lights. I have one going out and would like to replace it with another. I use two on my tower, it is all DMX controlled so I would have to redo my programming if I were to change to another brand or light.
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    DJing after Bone Marrow Transplant

    As many of you know I had a BMT Dec. 5th. Things are going well, my main issue is fatigue and feet swelling up. I have DJed 4 weddings with help of coarse. All of them have been great. This past one I put together a great ceremony system that worked incredibly well and easy to setup. Basically I...
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    Just Got The Diagnosis

    Update..... Used it on my FB page and it went very well, had some great laughs. I knew it would go over well. Thanks Earl.
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    Just Got The Diagnosis

    Thanks Earl, I had to borrow this one and put in on my Facebook, it will freak some people out considering my status the past 9 months. Many people will react before looking up the meaning.
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    Craigslist DJ makes the News...

    This guy posted this article on his Facebook page and on Craigslist here in Cincinnati.