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  1. Big_Mikes_DJEntertainment

    Simple LED lighting controller

    Howdy guys! just wanting to see if anyone has ideas on a simple LED Par can controller. I am about to get some of the LEDs to use as uplights and would like to be able to control the colors and maybe chase on them. I saw this controller but don't think it will work. But looking for...
  2. Big_Mikes_DJEntertainment

    Rane MP-4 question

    I have a question about the Rane MP-4 that I'm hoping some that are using it or selling them could answer. The marketing/reviews state that it (Scratch LIVE) is compatible with iTunes playlists and library. Just wondering if this includes downloads from the iTunes Store (MP4)? Any details...
  3. Big_Mikes_DJEntertainment

    Look at my new RACK!

    I have been embarrassed to post any pictures of my set-up here until now. Thanks to alot of great pictures and details of other's setups, I feel mine is worthy of showing now. I was forced to redo my entire rack after I killed my RM6(may it rest in peace).A special thanks to Carl at Enlightened...
  4. Big_Mikes_DJEntertainment

    Gator GDJ-10x6 case

    Has anyone used or seen one of these in person? Just trying to find out if the have rear access cover like the SKB cases do.
  5. Big_Mikes_DJEntertainment

    Numark RM-6 needed

    ProDJ vendors...lend me your ear. This weekend I fried my beloved RM-6 mixer and need a replacement or two. If any of you have some in the back of the storage closet, let me know. I know they are no longer in production but I can't find any current models that have the RM-6's features ( dual...
  6. Big_Mikes_DJEntertainment

    Matrix 1000 Owners, I have a question?

    I have owned my Matrix 1000 for almost a year now. I have been using a trailer but want to "downsize" and get away from using it. I figured I can just sell the 1000, buy a pair of actives and be done with it. Until I set -up the 1000 again. I can't live with out it! Sounds too good for too...
  7. Big_Mikes_DJEntertainment

    Legal Older Music?!??!!?

    OK....I know there is a dead horse here somewhere so I'll start beating it now. I have been DJing with a muti-op in my area for 3 years now. While most of the music started out on "store purchased" CDs, he has moved to MP3 downloads (using both pay and non-pay sites).I am fully aware that the...
  8. Big_Mikes_DJEntertainment

    CD-Mix 1 vs CD Mix 2

    Hey guys, I'm kinda new to and would like your advise. I use a PC for DJing right now, but would like to use CD for backup (cheaper). I noticed that the CDMix 1&2 are almost identical. The main feature that I noticed that would be relavent to me is the anti-shock. Anyone...