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  1. fusionsound

    Pioneer XDJ-R1

    How many of you guys are considering the XDJ-R1 as a possible upgrade and more compact solution to your current systems? I've been thinking about it, as it offers all the possible media formats that you would need (USB, WIFI, CD, MIDI), only real drawback is the 1 microphone input.
  2. fusionsound

    Suggestions on a good gift for a fellow DJ under $100..

    Tis the season, and one of the most difficult tasks is figuring out what to get people for the holidays. One that has me really puzzled is a DJ friend of mine, we both set our limits for each other at $100, but I have no clue what I should get him for Christmas. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
  3. fusionsound

    Most popular Reggae music (current stuff and greatest hits)

    Alot of our Christmas parties here in Connecticut, we tend to get alot of requests for new and old danceable reggae, what are the most popular current and the must haves in Reggae music?
  4. fusionsound

    Pioneer DDJ ERGO - Thoughts?

    Hi Everyone, The DDJ Ergo, although limited, seems like it would make good as a backup/ceremony system. Anyone have any thoughts on the system, even considerations in getting it? Street price is around $500 which isn't bad, even though it caters to the bedroom DJ, I may pick it up as a backup...
  5. fusionsound

    Price drop on Pioneer DDJ-S1 Controllers

    Yesterday I was so close to purchasing a DDJ-S1 during the day, but last night I went back to finalize the purchase and saw that Pioneer must have advised all retailers that they've dropped the price! $1299 to $999, I can only assume with all the other competition (Numark NS6, etc.) that they...
  6. fusionsound

    Rackmounting kit for harddrives

    I currently have two harddrives I use with my MEP-7000, was looking for a solution to rackmount them (remove them from the external enclosures) with USB interface. Is there such a thing? Thanks!
  7. fusionsound

    Opinions on Samson Auro D412A 12" Active Speaker

    Hi everyone, was seeing if anyone had any experience with this speaker or have any opinions on it? Main use is for ceremony/cocktail music, not to be used with my main setup. Specs seem pretty good. Thanks!
  8. fusionsound

    Denon Hc4500 Vs Hc5000

    I was looking to put together a PC based 2nd system (for small parties and birthday parties) My main system is with the Pioneer MEP-7000 which I use external harddrive and Virtual DJ with, I use that system with weddings and bigger events. I was looking at the HC4500 and the HC5000 from Denon...
  9. fusionsound

    Opinions on American Audio MX-1400 12" Dj mixers

    I'm working on a tabletop system for backup/small parties, and was looking for a good, inexpensive 12" mixer without paying Denon & Pioneer prices. Was looking at both the American Audio MX-1400 and MX-1400 DSP mixers (which I believe are now discontinued). Both can be found for $200 and $300...
  10. fusionsound

    Looking for alternative Aluminum Case for Sennheiser G3 System..

    I have a Sennheiser Evolution G3 Wireless microphone system, I was looking to get a case for it. The only case I can find is the crappy plastic one that Sennheiser sells (which I've had before and the thing does not hold up). I'm looking for an aluminum alternative to house the receiver, power...
  11. fusionsound

    DJing after a funeral??

    Picked up a bit of an odd event next Saturday, a family wanted to hire our services for a reception after the funeral at one of the states wedding facilities. Has anyone ever done this? I've personally never heard of a DJ being used after a funeral.
  12. fusionsound

    Who's getting the new iPhone 4??

    Today is the official release date of the iPhone 4. Anyone here looking to upgrade/purchase it? I just got off the phone with AT&T about any plan changes, they confirmed that all data charges will stay the same (considering the video chatting feature). Upgrade/New plan price: $200 for 16GB...
  13. fusionsound

    VENDORS: Need pricing on a pair of QSC K12 + Totes

    Hi Vendors, Please PM me or email for your best pricing on a pair of QSC K12 and Totes. Thanks! Looking to get a pair by the end of the week. Thanks! Marco
  14. fusionsound

    Which Powered Sub: QSC KSub vs. JBL Eon518S

    Hi everyone, I've slowly been getting rid of my passive system, and am currently going into a powered system. My dilemma is that i live on the second floor of my apartment complex, and the load in and out between the apartment, 2 flights of stairs, and a parking lot does not make it easy at...
  15. fusionsound

    Looking for Quad-Fold Black Facade

    Looking for a quad-fold facade to use with my sets, to place in front of a 5-6ft. banquet table. Similar to the Grundorf one below. Just check to see if anyone wants to get rid of theirs before i make a purchase of a new one.
  16. fusionsound

    Best CD/DVD Burning software for Windows 7 users

    HI everyone, Just recently upgraded from XP to Windows 7 this past month, so far i love everything about it. Unfortunately my favorite burning software (Nero 6) is no longer compatible with 7. I'm not a fan of the newer Neros and i hear and read that they're not as good as 6. Can anyone...
  17. fusionsound

    Carrying Bag for On-Stage Sub Shafts

    I have two of these Subwoofer shafts from On-Stage: I was wondering if anyone knew where i can get a bag to put these shafts in (with a divider to protect both the shafts from hitting each other). On-Stage currently...
  18. fusionsound

    New SKB Case : SKB R104

    This is a nice case, the design is unique (seems to be on back order) I'd be interested in making this my new case!
  19. fusionsound

    Mixer fader dust protectors - where to find?

    I had bought a backup mixer to use for dirt cheap and decided to clean it all up, inside and out. 1 out of the 5 sliders has a dust protector to keep dust from getting into the fader, all the other faders without the protector were loaded with dust. Where can i find these fader dust protectors...
  20. fusionsound

    The NEW Pioneer DJM-5000 Mixer..

    I went to Pioneer's website and saw this beautiful looking 19" mixer. With 3 microphone inputs! Check it out!