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    Jamstar Elite LED

    Jamstar Elite... Does anyone have these lights. I have one going out and would like to replace it with another. I use two on my tower, it is all DMX controlled so I would have to redo my programming if I were to change to another brand or light.
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    DJing after Bone Marrow Transplant

    As many of you know I had a BMT Dec. 5th. Things are going well, my main issue is fatigue and feet swelling up. I have DJed 4 weddings with help of coarse. All of them have been great. This past one I put together a great ceremony system that worked incredibly well and easy to setup. Basically I...
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    Craigslist DJ makes the News...

    This guy posted this article on his Facebook page and on Craigslist here in Cincinnati.
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    Back home for Christmas

    After 27 days in the hospital and a Bone Marrow Transplant I am back home just in time for Christmas with the family. Got to surprise my 11 year old son, he was not allowed in the hospital where I was, we did not tell him I was coming home. Recovery is a long process but I am ready. GVH disease...
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    Uplighting and Laser at the Hospital

    This past weekend I told my wife I wanted to snazz my room up at the hospital for my next months stay. So I packed up one Slim Par 56 and one Micro Galaxian. Now after five days staff and my fellow guest will not let me turn them off....LOL. I have the most popular room in the hospital, this has...
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    DJing before Bone Marrow Transplant.

    Saturday night was great. I DJed at Paul Brown Stadium, the Cincinnati Bengals play there. I had a helper and used most of his equipment, I brought the lighting and my American Audio VMS4.1, I was MC and DJ the whole evening and was having a lot of fun doing it. I feel like a truck ran over me...
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    Not Superman

    Some time ago on another forum, I believe it was a Facebook DJ page I had posted a thread about having to cancel a gig or wedding. Last year about this time I had to miss a wedding due to the removal of my gallbladder. Everyone that chimed in, and it was a lot pretty much made themselves out to...
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    The Future is here!

    I saw this new Numark controller on my email today. I must say it is a great ideal. I would not get this one but in the near future when another company creates one I will be getting one. I love the concept.
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    Interpretation of Success....

    Byron started a great thread that was shut down, unfortunately it was shut down. I did not see the end, but last night I did read 90% of the post up to 10:30pm EST. What intrigued me the most was how judge mental many were on Byrons success. What is the meaning of success, and who gets to judge...
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    Purchased the NEW American Audio VMS4.1.....Nice

    I could not find it locally so I purchased it online for 399.99 New and free shipping, great holiday deals. I received it in 3 days. I never used or saw the original VMS4 in person, but I did hear of all the issues. I was looking at the Dennon MC6000 and for what I needed it for it was way to...
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    Bride takes the Cheese out of a Cheesy crowd...

    Last night I had decent size wedding, 250 guest and a very mixed crowd on ages, at a really nice facility. Brides do not play list included ALL line dance songs and songs like Y.M.C.A., Shout and the likes of. I like to use the line dances to get things going from the start and after slow...
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    Sean Kingston in ICU

    Got to have respect for a Hip Hop artist not to use profanity in is songs, he is proof it is not needed to sale cd's. Hope he pulls threw.
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    Setup last night, new lighting tower.

    Here are pics of the new setup with the new lighting tower. I had some great dance floor coverage with the lighting. Also the one Insignia 2.0 is upside down to light up the ceiling. The Q-Spot on the base is programed to hit the mirror ball. The two Slim Par 56's give it a great wash. The...
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    New Setup Pics

    Third wedding of the year and I finally got pics of my new setup and monogram I designed for the couple. Dell 2400MP for the projection. My LogoMaker for designing the image. I used marble umbrella stands for the EON 515XT's. DJ Skirts table topper. Lighting is not in these pics, still...
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    New EON 515 XT

    Just bought them a week and a half ago. Had them set up at a bridal show and then got to use them at a bar I DJ at every Friday night. I was highly impressed by the power and sound, great lows for a plastic speaker. Very clean highs. Five hours straight and they barely got warm. Another...
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    Health Care Bill 1099 Tax Form, Changing Business

    This part of the passed Health Care Bill was upheld two days ago and could profoundly change the way you do business.
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    Wives and DJing

    About a month and a half ago my business partner Randy moved on to starting his own PC business. We are still best of friends. DropZone became solely mine which meant my wife would have to accommodate me at my events. Now let's rewind to a time when my wife would make comments to the fact that...
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    DJ Skirts Table Topper

    With my business partner Randy stepping aside and moving on to his own PC business my new business partner is my wife. If any one has seen our setup our DJ booth was hand crafted by Randy and I, it also took both of us to lift it onto the table. My wife has lifted it before but this last time...
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    Chauvet Intimidator 2.0 Movement?

    On YouTube I see postings of the Intimidator 2.0's doing slow smooth motions. I am not the lighting person in my business but I will be because I am now the sole owner. My business partner who has been programing the lights has said these light can not do slow movement or slow motion, we have...
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    Berhinger EP4000

    Sold some lasers we were not using and decided to pick up the EP4000, Needed something that could do 400+ a channel 8ohm. Been using the Crown XS1200, decided to move it to running the subs, CS800 just wasn't enough. We do not like all Berhingers stuff, did read a lot about the EP2500, so I...