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  1. Earl From CloudNine

    Just Got The Diagnosis

    Apparently I've been afflicted with (but not suffering from) lalochezia. I'm told I've had the condition for over sixty years, and didn't even realize it.
  2. Earl From CloudNine

    George Jones... R.I.P.

    Country mega-star George Jones passed away this morning at the age of 81. Arguably the finest, purest country singing voice that ever was, has been silenced. R.I.P. "Possum", and thanks for the music.
  3. Earl From CloudNine

    Queen Of Country Music Kitty Wells... R.I.P.

    By Randy Lewis July 16, 2012, 2:04 p.m. Kitty Wells, the long-reigning “Queen of Country Music” and the first woman to reach No. 1 on the country chart with her attitude-changing hit “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels,” died Monday at age 92 of complications from a stroke. Wells was...
  4. Earl From CloudNine

    R.I.P. Dobie Gray

    Loved his "The In Crowd" and "Drift Away" - both classics.
  5. Earl From CloudNine

    O/T - Musician Jokes / One-Liners

    It's been a long time since I've heard any new musician jokes, especially one-liners, and I'm wondering if there are any new ones out there. How about a thread that lists our ONE favorite musician joke / one-liner. Make as many posts as you want, but let's keep them to ONE joke per post...
  6. Earl From CloudNine

    If Bill Gates Wasn't Already Gone, I'd....

    ....... loved to have kicked him in the.... family jewels. Microsoft's "change for the sake of change" policy, although highly profitable, absolutely sucks to old codgers like me. Last week, I blew up my Dell laptop while setting up for my regular Saturday night Karaoke gig... and, as bad...
  7. Earl From CloudNine

    Who Runs Your Show?

    I had the following comments regarding the infamous DO NOT PLAY lists attached to a different thread... the one about the bride removing cheese... but thought perhaps a new thread might be needed. Dear ADJA/NAME/CDJA (pick one)... Here's my $$$, please send back-bone. I get so sick and tired...
  8. Earl From CloudNine

    Happy Mothers' Day

    To all you Moms out there... have a safe and blessed day.
  9. Earl From CloudNine

    Liz Taylor.... RIP

    No more drama.
  10. Earl From CloudNine

    Karaoke Dying?? I Don't Think So!

    I'm sure we've all heard it several times over. Karaoke is dying. It's a fad that's outlived its life expectancy... and so on. Well, that's definitely not the case in our area. Whether it was because of St. Patrick's Day, or the fact we had the first really nice weather since last fall... I...
  11. Earl From CloudNine

    Looking for "Sing-Alongs"

    Pretty-well all of my shows end with a two or three song "sing-along"... I encourage everyone to get up on the floor to take part. More often than not, we'll do a medium tempo, then a faster one, and end with a gospel number. A typical example might be: The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Tokens...
  12. Earl From CloudNine

    David Nelson (Ricky's big brother) Passes

    In San Jose, CA at age 74. Older son of actors Ozzie & Harriett Nelson, David, although a pretty good singer in his own right, always played second fiddle to his younger brother Rick. RIP David.
  13. Earl From CloudNine

    Song Chain - How Long Can We Make It?

    The idea behind a song chain is to add a song title to a previous song title by using the last word or phrase in the previous title... Example... All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight.... Tonight's The Night.... Night Moves.... Move This.... and so on... There can be slight...
  14. Earl From CloudNine

    My Neighbour's Dog

    Needless to say, being New Year’s Eve, I got home late… and finally managed to crawl into bed around a quarter to three. But I couldn’t sleep. My neighbour’s dog, some kind of hound, kept barking and howling over and over and over…. Finally, around four-thirty, I’d had enough. I got up, threw on...
  15. Earl From CloudNine

    Need Ideas for PRE New Year's Eve

    Our regular karaoke night next week falls on Thursday, Dec 30th... the day before New Years Eve... and so I thought I'd like to do something different for our "regulars" who show up every week... rain, shine, or blizzard. I've already ordered a dozen large pizzas, and have arranged to have...
  16. Earl From CloudNine

    Any Progress Re: LDJC Chat??

    Just wondering.
  17. Earl From CloudNine

    Mike Thompkins Gone Viral

    That's some pretty serious multi-tracking. This guy hails from about an hour east of me (and a half/hour south of Justin Bieber's home)... He may have just signed with Timbaland's label, so he could be the next big thing... (Just don't tell all those teenage girls he's married.)...
  18. Earl From CloudNine

    O/T Dismantling A Jeep I'm not 100% certain, and have not had a chance to ask him yet, but the driver looks very-much like my son... and I know that's the kind of thing he would take part in. Not sure if that's his regiment.
  19. Earl From CloudNine

    O/T Unreal Plane Landing

    As a former Airport Chief of Emergency Services, I found this short video amazing. I wonder what was going through that pilot's mind in those 30 or so seconds?
  20. Earl From CloudNine

    The LDJC

    I think it's high time the old LDJC is resurrected. Not sure who all would be interested, or what day/time might be best... Seems to me, the door was always open... no specific time (except it was always late at night), nor a designated day of the week... and that would be my preference...