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    MBLV2011 Audio Tapes?

    Just wondering if they are available yet. Has anyone heard anything? Thank you.
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    Video of MBLV 2011 Presentations?

    Ryan suggested that, in lieu of various persons recording each seminar for personal use, video of the presentations will be made available for purchase. Is there any timeline of when the videos will be ready or how it will work? Is the plan that we buy DVDs, download the seminars, watch a...
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    Virtual DJ Problem - No sound

    I have a new Toshiba laptop, a CM200USB Numark Mixer with two built in sound cards and a Western Digital hard drive. I cannot get much sound out of the mixer, only a very quiet version of the songs through the headphones. I checked the volume control on the VDJ program and it was maxed, so...
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    WWYD? Wedding Reception Missing DJ Issue

    Odd circumstance. I talked with a bride months ago about her reception, sent a contract, then didn't hear anything. I checked back and found that a local dj underbid me by a lot and got the job. This is a higher end country club event, so the money is there. Flash forward to now. The...
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    Kinky Friedman for governor

    Kinky is running in Texas. This might just be a good year. For the article:
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    Soundtech Powered Sub

    I have been looking at the JBL Eon 15" powered sub to supplement my ceremony system for small house parties where a larger system is not necessary. I am satisfied the JBL would do what I wanted, but I am trying to save money. Now, the question, Has anyone used the Soundtech powered 15" sub...
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    More Copied Sets for Sale on E-bay

    There are several lots of copied discs for sale on e-bay by seller trade$tar . m He says they are his "back up" set. He also has a bunch of MP3 gear for sale which, I'm sure, is to play his converted "back up" MP3 copies. If you want to buy them, they are being sold for cost of materials only...
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    The Guru Movie/Soundtrack

    Has anyone seen the movie? The movie trailer made it look like it may have a bunch of interactive dance ideas within the movie. The soundtrack had a lot of new or remade titles also. Any opinions? Chick flick or good show, or it has good ideas so doesn't matter whether one likes the movie of...
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    Settlement with Majors-Want $20?

    I hadn't seen this posted, so thought I would pass along the URL. The Major companies settled a price fixing case regarding the minimum price for cds. Anyone who wants to claim to have purchased a cd between January 1995 and December 2000 is eligible to make a claim. You cannot get more than...