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  1. Shelley

    Song title game

    Diamonds Are A Gilrs Best Friend - Marilyn Monroe
  2. Shelley

    Well nobody ever complained...

    According to com·pla·cent –adjective 1. pleased, especially with oneself or one's merits, advantages, situation, etc., often without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied: The voters are too complacent to change the government. 2. pleasant...
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    My own personal worth movement

    Ron...dearest....I have no need to ask for the sale. I wasn't trying to sell anything. That ain't how I roll. I was talking about a philosophy that I have learned and started using. It just so happened to come from a company I am a big part of. Nothing more nothing less. I don't own a...
  4. Shelley

    My own personal worth movement

    You know Hampton... This phrase is beautiful to me. It says love your client. Give them what they deserve. A wedding that is flawless and beautiful and full of great memories. They are worth it. This phrase says to a REALationship with them because they are worth getting to know...
  5. Shelley Bid Amounts

    Because everyone should be able to make enough money in their chosen profession to support their family. Everyone! Not just those of us with the balls to try. Plus, we should be able to make enough to afford health insurance for our entire family, and be able to take our kids to Disneyland...
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    Message to the Newbies (those with less then 100 posts)

    23) Be factual. Don't repeat what was repeated to you. Don't play telephone. Things get distorted this way. 24) Think for yourself. Don't let anyone elses opinion of anyone else make the decision for you. Most of the time those people are wrong or just don't want to take the time to...
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    I prefer the term Party Motivator when selling services to a Bar/Bat Mitzvah client. Less negative connotations and crude jokes. Sorry guys.... When I started out I got $100 per show and I had to be there an hour and a half before the event. Usually to prepare. Stretches, limbering techniques...
  8. Shelley

    modern day epic songs - are there any?

    I am hearing some really grea buzz about the new album by My Morning Jacket. From what I understand their melodies and such ar wicked. Plus it doesn't hurt for me to know that they were all born and bred here in the beautiful state of Kentucky and the city of Louisville, of which I am a proud...
  9. Shelley

    Pride and Prejudice This will tell you the track listings. Great choice of music for a wedding. Very romantic and soft. One of my favorite movies of all time too. I never get tired of watching it. My favorite track on the sound track is...
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    Great New Artist

    I discovered Duffy one morning while blowdrying my hair. I was listening to VH1 while getting ready for work and heard heard the song. It was instant love. In my mind Amy Wino holds no candle to her. She's got the gravel in her voice and when I heard it the first time before I saw it was a...
  11. Shelley

    Contemporary Wedding Prelude Ideas

    Oh Yeah I'd also look into "Look After You" by The Fray. Beautiful love song. Joe, Heather should remember hearing it when we were in Mass. It was the one that I said I am walking down the aisle to. Gorgeous song.
  12. Shelley

    Contemporary Wedding Prelude Ideas

    I think one of the cutest love songs our right now that I am considering for our wedding is "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson If you were falling Then I would catch you You need a light I'd find a match Cause I love the way you say good morning And you take me the way I am...
  13. Shelley

    Drum Sticks

    djopt, Just a word of caution and I only say this becasue we've had it happen at a mitzvah. Probably a good idea to get the ok from Mom and Dad to give the drumsticks only to the adults. I'm sure you can figure out why. We've had kids throwing them, hitting each other with them etc etc...
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    Bands you would like to see reunited one last time?

    I have to go with Queen. I wish to high heaven I had been born in time to have seen them. The music is amazing....Awe inspiring. That would have been one heck of a show. I jealous of anyone who got to see them. Also... Journey with Steve Perry of course.
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    What was yours? Mae, OK Go, and The Fray last June in Indy How old were you? 24 (close your mouths. I know, I know) :oops: Who'd you go with? My fiance, Eddie and Jon Bruce How great was it? It was fantastic. One of the most incredible days of my life. Due in large...
  16. Shelley

    E Street Band member Danny Federici dies at 58...

    That's very sad. I heard about it on the radio this morning. They were playing a track called Sandy (I'm not a big Bruce fan so I had never heard it before) with him playing acordian. Let me tell you it was the first time I have ever enjoyed hearing the acordian. He must have been a great...
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    WOW - Thank you - DO IT!

    Actually Ron if you will notice I have posted in other threads that didn't have any "debates" going on at all. I am not the type of person to argue or fight. I'm a nonconfrontational kinda gal. When I have posted in those "debates" it was because I had something to add to it. Something valuable...
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    WOW - Thank you - DO IT!

    Ron, The reason I don't post here often is simple. I am not willing to be BBQed because of my views. Plus sometimes I just don't have much to say that anyone else will agree with here. I know where I belong . I know where I and my views are accepted. I know that's not here. You know where...
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    WOW - Thank you - DO IT!

    Ron, all of the info about where it is going to be held in Boston is readily available at the link BBBuffalo posted. The information you need is there if you are willing to find it.
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    No problem. Have fun. The Ville is a great city. Let me know how you found us when you get home.