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  1. joe2you

    Here's what I Get for my $$

    For $200 you get 2) Sx300's on sticks 1) dual CD/mixer combo 1) QSC GX5 amp 1) mic cables AND you get to come to my place to pick it up and return it.
  2. joe2you

    Bedliner on speakers

    Might want to look at this
  3. joe2you

    Making Your Own Road Case

    give this place a try.
  4. joe2you

    Kreg Joints

    Are you refering to pocket joint? As in these? When used with glue they make a strong joint but I wouldn't use them into plywood. You're better off with a 2x2 glued & screwed into the corners
  5. joe2you

    Name this Amplifier fuse...

    Bill, my radio shack recommendation was for the fuse holder cap replacement Generally I wouldn't recommend RS for anything but in this case it's kind of hard to screw it up.
  6. joe2you

    Name this Amplifier fuse...

    Radio Shack
  7. joe2you

    Another DJ company goes under!

    Nick, Thank you for all you've given to the DJ world through you posting here. My wife has had MS now for 25+ years and I can very well appreciate the commitment necessary for your wife's care. Best of luck to you and your family. Peace,
  8. joe2you

    Opinions on these mics ....

    I own a dozen Sennheiser E835's. Great mic just a little low on the output side. I'll also suggest the Shure SM-58's and Beta-58's along with EV's N/D767A or N/D367
  9. joe2you

    Spandex stretched across uprights?

    Ok, here's mine. Bought it direct from the mfg. Had it custom made to 18'x10' with "grommets" every 2'. Photo shows 2 17' ladders with truss but indoors could easily use crank stands. Prefer the stability of the ladders for outdoor & uneven(ish) ground. Material works great either...
  10. joe2you

    Quality Truss, Easy To Assemble?

    Versa Truss Very easy to assemble with spring clip/pins but it is only 10". It isn't bright & shiny like a Global truss but every bit as functional. It does come with the option to have additional collars welded to the ends for extra strength which will reduce the chance of "caving" in...
  11. joe2you

    Lightweight sub, 100-200 guests

    Eric, I feel for ya. Personally I love my Sb120/121's For myself and my DJ clients they've been great.
  12. joe2you

    Look what the hurricane dragged in

    Looks more like a lawyer to me.
  13. joe2you

    bracket for XLR ends on a snake?

    Once you get the subject cable ends repaired pick up something called a pig bag. It's simply a large nylon bag with a tie around it that you slip over the loose end of the snake and secure the XLR connectors in one nice neat package eliminating (or at least reducing) all the tangling / pulling...
  14. joe2you

    EV has a new speaker the ZX3

    The Zx3 is more of a big brother to the Sx300. While it still has a 12" driver it is capable of BiAmp operation. If I recall the 12" driver is the same used in one of EV's line array series. Power handling is also approx. double with the Sx300 sitting at 300/1200W and the Zx3 at 600/2400W...
  15. joe2you

    Fogger Comparison Antari Z-1200 vs Chauvet F1700

    Fear, I agree with Bob, you'll get what you pay for. I don't have any experience with the Chauvet model but when I was looking at the Antari units I went with the X-515 vs. the z series. They just had a feel about them that was better. Did it cost more? Yes but it works flawlessly every...
  16. joe2you

    New way to hang a REVO III

    Soundtrek, Those are bolt-on plastic speaker stand adapters. I'm sure Parts Express carries them as well as some of our fine vendors here.
  17. joe2you

    DMX - Audio sequencing software

    Thanks, this is the same as PCDMX. I've looked at this previously but could never find information on how to link the two. Looks like I'll have to scope it out again.
  18. joe2you

    DMX - Audio sequencing software

    Can anyone recommend a sequencing software to link an audio track with DMX signals?
  19. joe2you

    What size video screen do you have?

    I actually have 3 different sizes DaLite 80" (6'x4-1/2' - 4:3) 106" (8'x4-1/2' - 16:9) custom 18'x10' that'll stretch out to 28'x15'
  20. joe2you

    Audiotechnica 3000 series - multiple generations?

    Quick & easy way to tell the difference is the first generation has a green screen and the one with the auto scan has a blue screen.