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  1. Dr.Rhythm

    What Mac software do you run?

    I've worked in Information Technology for over 20 years and I've been a DJ since 1997. The only DJ software application I have ever used live at a gig is MegaSeg. There have been a couple glitches here and there over the years but nothing that ever impacted playback at an event. I've had to...
  2. Dr.Rhythm


    I can't believe people are still using Audiograbber. No offense but that program hasn't been updated in years, I think 2004 was the last update. dbpoweramp is great alternative.
  3. Dr.Rhythm

    New LED uplighting fixtures

    I believe this is their site...
  4. Dr.Rhythm

    Revo IV's atop my L1 Radiators!

    Okay Steve, that's what I thought. It does seem like having the T-Bar there would help support the Revo.
  5. Dr.Rhythm

    Revo IV's atop my L1 Radiators!

    Steve, did you need to use the mini T-Bar on the top of the L1 to mount the Revo 4? In other words was the Revo mounted to the T-Bar or was it just mounted to the threaded rod that sticks out of the top of the tongue and groove part? It's hard to tell from your photos how the Revo yolk was...
  6. Dr.Rhythm


    Roger, it wouldn't be my first choice. Have a look at this thread. I have created a spreadsheet comparing the Flat Par LED products, it needs to be updated with some of the new products, I know. You find...
  7. Dr.Rhythm


    The Flat Par Pro RGBA compares to the Slimpar 56 with 36 diodes of each color. The Eternal product of course adds 36 Amber diodes which is great. The Chauvet Slimpar 64 however has 60 diodes of each color and the field angle is a bit wider than the FPP-RGBA. I would like a fixture that...
  8. Dr.Rhythm


    Both ADJ and Chauvet are selling diffusion filters for LED lights.|Diffusion%20Filters I know I read somewhere here that you...
  9. Dr.Rhythm


    I'm finally going to order some LED Pars for uplighting. I'm either going to go with the Chauvet Slimpar 56 or 64. I'm leaning toward the 64s for the additional output. I have thought about importing from China and I'm not going to do that. I've thought about Tri or Quad LED units but I don't...
  10. Dr.Rhythm

    Dance Floor Centerpiece Lighitng Options

    Good point.
  11. Dr.Rhythm

    Dance Floor Centerpiece Lighitng Options

    I actually found a video on the Quad Scan from ADJ. This video shows it at about the 3 minute mark. Hard to tell from the video what the impact is of the light since it's just a video from NAMM looking up at the lights on a truss.
  12. Dr.Rhythm

    Dance Floor Centerpiece Lighitng Options

    Thanks for all the recommendations so far... The Cubix and the Circus both look intriguing but I don't plan on running haze. Like Rich suggested I think both of these lights will loose their impact without an atmospheric. The Atmospheric RG LED and the Hypnotic RGB are very similar effects...
  13. Dr.Rhythm

    Dance Floor Centerpiece Lighitng Options

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a centerpiece light or lights for the dance floor. I want something that's simple to transport, easy to setup, and doesn't take hours to configure. I'm also trying to figure out how to setup a basic light show where the setup doesn't look ugly. I mainly do weddings...
  14. Dr.Rhythm

    DJM-5000 Experience

    I'm very happy with mine as well.
  15. Dr.Rhythm

    What is the Standard Unit of Measurement for Lighting/Brightness Output of LED Light?

    Steve Z, Have a look at my spreadsheet on Flat Par LED products. Also read through the thread, like Mr. Lynch says, the numbers don't tell the whole story.
  16. Dr.Rhythm

    LED Flat Par Can Products Comparison

    Arthur and everyone else looking a the numbers listed for these lights. I want to reiterate a previous comment I made. In other words, your mileage may vary. Demo the lights in person if at all possible before making a big purchase.
  17. Dr.Rhythm

    New LED lights

    NickyB, What do you think of the Q12A for uplighitng? Do you think they would be good in that application or overkill?
  18. Dr.Rhythm

    Uplighting : Help me get started.. please! & thanx!

    Nicky, the GE 21710 is a CCFL bulb not an LED bulb. To get an LED flood lamp, I think you're still looking at $30-$50 per bulb.
  19. Dr.Rhythm

    Regrets on Uplight Purchase

    If you look at the light output ratings on my spreadsheet, I think you'll find that it's quite obvious not everyone is being 100% honest in reporting their lux ratings. Based on all the user feedback here on this forum, I think that the SlimPAR 64 from Chauvet might be the leader in the lower...
  20. Dr.Rhythm

    Regrets on Uplight Purchase

    Thanks Scotty, I was just going to suggest that.