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  1. Dr.Rhythm


    I'm finally going to order some LED Pars for uplighting. I'm either going to go with the Chauvet Slimpar 56 or 64. I'm leaning toward the 64s for the additional output. I have thought about importing from China and I'm not going to do that. I've thought about Tri or Quad LED units but I don't...
  2. Dr.Rhythm

    Dance Floor Centerpiece Lighitng Options

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a centerpiece light or lights for the dance floor. I want something that's simple to transport, easy to setup, and doesn't take hours to configure. I'm also trying to figure out how to setup a basic light show where the setup doesn't look ugly. I mainly do weddings...
  3. Dr.Rhythm


    There are two old threads that mention beaTunes. I was wondering if anyone is still using it. It's a software application that will analyze your iTunes library and allow you to perform several functions. Most useful to DJs is the ability to analyze tracks BPM and Key. It can also help you track...
  4. Dr.Rhythm

    LED Flat Par Can Products Comparison

    Flat Par Can Products I put together this list of the current LED par can products. I have only included those products that are flater, thiner, or lower profile than your average par can. I have included the manufacturers specifications as listed on their respective websites, cut sheets or...
  5. Dr.Rhythm

    Should there be a Lighting Forum

    I personally think it would be nice if there was a separate forum here for lighting.
  6. Dr.Rhythm

    Virtual DJ 6 - New Feature

    Here is a quote from the information about the new version of VDJ 6. Netsearch Does this raise red flags with anyone but me?
  7. Dr.Rhythm

    Bose L1 Design Flaw

    I had a 200+ person wedding and reception this past Saturday night. The reception was indoors and the venue has a dedicated dance floor with a dedicated stage. Later on into the evening a couple of women in their mid twenties were dancing near the stage. One of the girls was talking to me and...
  8. Dr.Rhythm

    QSC K Series Speakers - Summer 2009

    There has been a bit of talk about these already here on the forums but today QSC officially unveiled the new K Series speakers. Here is the link. All speakers in the range are powered by a 1000 watt Class D QSC amp. There are three full...
  9. Dr.Rhythm

    Unreleased Track?

    I have a wedding coming up on Saturday and I just got a special request from the bride for a track that I think is unreleased. I have been doing this for 10 years and this is the first time this has ever happened to me. The track is "She'd Rather Be With The DJ" by Hardnox. I did some...
  10. Dr.Rhythm

    Karaoke Noob Question

    This is just a general question for the Karaoke Hosts or KJs. What do you play when there is nobody singing? If one singer finishes for example and the next one has not got up on stage yet, do you play some music in the background as you call them up there? I'm a mobile and I am just adding a...
  11. Dr.Rhythm

    Halloween Music

    I just got a last minute Halloween Party for this weekend and I was thinking about Halloween music for the mix. I was surprised I didn't find more threads here about Halloween music suggestions. I'll start off with the obvious ones. Monster Mash - Bobby "Boris" Pickett Ghostbusters - Ray...
  12. Dr.Rhythm

    Good Life - Kanye West Question

    What is that hook he uses in the background? It's driving me nuts trying to figure it out. The pitch has been changed making it higher but then it had been slowed down. I know it's a sample from something popular but I just can't put my finger on it. I know it's going to be one of those things...
  13. Dr.Rhythm

    Fashion Show Runway Music Suggestions

    Hey everyone, I have a gig this weekend for a corporate regional sales promotion and part of the even is going to be showing off some new products and the theme is Product Runway, like the TV show, Project Runway. Do you guys have any suggestions for upbeat fashion show runway style music. I...
  14. Dr.Rhythm

    Large Outdoor Event 1500 - 2000 People

    I know there are some people here on this board that have knowledge on events of this size. Can anyone share with me some personal experiences and help me by giving me some guidelines on how much amplification I would need? I know I would have to rent some equipment in order to pull this off but...
  15. Dr.Rhythm

    Unoffical Numark DMC2 Thread

    Numark DMC2 Professional Rackmount DJ Software Controller Offical Numark Website Link MSRP $699 - Street Price seems to be about $300 less than that. According to Numark, the DMC2 is their top–of–the–line professional DJ software controller. The DMC2 is a metal frame 3U controller...
  16. Dr.Rhythm

    Why Flac?

    I completely understand the differences between "lossless" and "lossy" compression. I also am fully aware of how cheap hard drives are these days. So, having said that I still have to ask, why FLAC or any other Lossless Audio Codec? Currently LAME is able to produce "transparent" MP3s using...
  17. Dr.Rhythm

    Megaseg 4.0 Released

    I didn't see this mentioned here already so I thought I would let everyone know that a new version of Megaseg has been released. Here is the link to the website... Here is a link to the release notes on whats new or updated in version 4.0...
  18. Dr.Rhythm

    Colorado Light N' Sound ACL24 Owners

    Do you have any pictures or videos of your setups? I am interested in the ACL-24 or ACL-16 systems, see this link.I have read reports from a number of DJs that the products are very good but the CSL website only has a limited selection of photos of these systems. I am also thinking about...
  19. Dr.Rhythm

    Wireless Microphone Research and Questions

    I have been conducting some my own research on wireless microphone systems and I thought it might be helpful to share what I have found and get some feedback from all of you. First of all a quick history. I started with one VHF Micro unit with a handheld transmitter from Samson a few years...