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  1. oldschooldj

    Uk 40-0 Or Not

    OK Ms Jodi, we all hopped on the band wagon (Pro or Con) on Ohio State, now it is time for the same on my UK Wildcats. How many think they will go undefeated? They do have the most talent on one team in the nation, and somehow Coach Cal has found ways to keep them team oriented. It is nice to...
  2. oldschooldj

    Alto Stealth Wireless System

    Is anyone using the Alto Stealth Wireless System to send music to active speakers (tops only)? If so what are your impressions? I am looking at buying one for ceremony speakers or fill speakers located in remote rooms/locations. Thanks Ray J.
  3. oldschooldj

    1963 50 year reunion

    Guys and gals, Been a long time since I did a sock hop (basically what a 50 year class reunion is) :) I have one this weekend and I have tons of great music from the 50's and 60's. I bought several Time Life and other collections years ago, since I love the music from that era so much, however...
  4. oldschooldj


    Guys and Gals, Now that I am thru my first year back in business it is time to renew different memberships. I can say that Primcuts has been great, School Dance Network super, NAME has been a big help and they offer me a great discount for my military service and I will continue my membership...
  5. oldschooldj

    EV-Q1212 amp

    I just added another four EV-TX1181 (18" subs) to my set up, so I can play our local convention center, which is very large. It will also help in some of our larger school gyms and allow me to run two seperate rigs in medium size rooms with four subs. My go to guy Caleb (sound engineer) at EV...
  6. oldschooldj

    Gobo Projectors

    Anyone use Gobo Source? I am in the market for a better Gobo projector than my little ADJ Gobo Led Projector. It has it's value but I would like another LED, but something much more powerfull, with a little larger gobo, so I can have better contnent and project further with, color and detail. My...
  7. oldschooldj

    Can I improve my sound

    I have come a long way with my set up and sound quality. Now I am wondering if I can improve it between my computer and my mixers. I have Toshiba computers with nothing but the standard internal sound card. I use VDJ PRO and a Numark N4 mixer and a Numark Mix Deck Express to my EV-DCONE. Is...
  8. oldschooldj

    Peavey IPR or DSP Amps

    Guys or Gals, Somebody talk to me about these Peavey amps. My whole rig I just bought is EV. I have my local Peavey dealer trying to get me to buy IPR amps for my small mobile rig. Which consist of EV-TX1181 (18"subs) x2, EV-TX-1122 (12" tops) x2 and currently an EV-Q1212 amp (40 lb amp). I am...
  9. oldschooldj

    2nd gig since starting back (first HS event)

    Had the first HS gig Saturday (Volleyball/Soccer Homecoming and Senior Night for the players on those teams), they only have 160 HS students (Christian School), 104 were there. Over 70 stayed on the dance floor all night. School administrator said it was the best dance they ever had. She said...
  10. oldschooldj

    First Gig since 1988

    First real gig since I got back in the game. After 3 months of spending money and putting together a system and lighting: Was an Old School Dance, had about 70 folks (mostly 35-55 years old) for dinner and dance in a room about 1/2 to 2/3 size of HS gym. For dinner I had a mix of 70's and 80's...
  11. oldschooldj

    custom gobo

    Who do you recommend for a custom gobo, that I need before 15 Sep. I use the ADJ Gobo LED. I need one made for my daughters senior class HCA Warriors Class of 2013. I would like to keep it affordable. Thanks in advance!! Ray J.
  12. oldschooldj

    DJ Mixing Help for my daughter with Cerebral Palsy (CP)

    Hello all, I am looking for some help, as I am going back into DJing after many years, however it is mainly for my daughter who loves music. She has a few issues as she was born at 25 weeks. She is a senior in HS and carries a 3.6 gpa. She loves music and has limited ability to play the guitar...
  13. oldschooldj

    EV Products

    I would like to have a private conversation with anyone with extensive EV background or equipment use. Topics are EV Q1212, 1152, 1181, DCONE and 300 wirless mic. Look forward to your help and expetise. Thanks Ray J.