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    help pick 4th of july fireworks songs!

    I am helping organize a 20 minute fireworks display and would like your input on song selection. The organizers want rock and roll, disney, current music and country included... all upbeat songs that you can bop your head to or sing along too... So far we have decided on: Boom Boom Pow...
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    Text Live questions

    Good Afternoon, I have been using Text Live for about a year now. I continuously have problems with it though and am wondering if anyone else has the same problems as me. I have the Samba gsm usb card. I load the program and even when I know there are messages they don't show up...
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    DJ MAS ripped me off

    I bought a mackie 1801 subwoofer from him on the used gear forum back on August 1st. I paid $850 for it and I never received my money. He said he was going to refund my money in early September and he has yet too. I filed a charge back via paypal and they gave me .06 cents left... what was...
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    wireless vga transmitter

    Good Afternoon, At a lot of my school dances I use multiple video screens to project music videos onto. I was wondering if anyone here used a wireless vga receiver/transmitter to cut down on running 50 to 100 foot vga cables. Thank you for your help!
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    Looking for a School DJ in Buffalo, NY

    I have many events booked for the coming school year in Buffalo, NY. I am looking for someone with experience to dj almost every weekend (1 or 2 nights) for the month of September and October and then throughout the school year. I will provide all equipment. If you are interested...
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    multiple speaker and subwoofer setup HOW?

    Good Afternoon, I will be hosting a dance come February for close to 2,500 high school students. I own 10 mackie srm-450s. I know I can run 4 on each side so that is not really a problem. (Would it be worth it to hook up all 10? If so how!?) I currently own one master and one slave b52...
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    booking major artists ANYONE?

    Good Afternoon, I am looking at booking a one hit wonder artist for an event I put on. Does anyone know how I would go about this? Here is a little bit more information for you: I host a charity dance and last year I attracted over 1,400 students on my first try. The local radio station...
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    scratching -- just starting out suggestions PLEASE

    I have been dj'ing for over 6 years now and have received a plethora of information. My business has grown exponentially with a lot of help from this site. I want to learn how to scratch now. Currently I use Virtual DJ but I am planning on purchasing Serato. I have never played with vinyl...
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    Area wide school semi-formal dance

    Good Evening Everyone! I come asking for thoughts and opinions on my idea that I am going to try this coming February. I own my own djing business in Buffalo, NY and dj for about 20 school districts in the area. I am also a full time high school teacher....enough with background. I...
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    looking for equipment for a school radio club!

    Good Evening, I run my own disc jockey company in Buffalo, NY and also teach at one of the local high schools. I have donated over $5,000 of old equipment that I had laying around in my room to get this organization started. I currently have 40 members. These high school students are in...
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    Recent school dance video setup

    I recently set this up at the school I teach at in Buffalo, NY! The screens are 6x8, 7.5x10 (x2) and a 12x12.
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    best setup yet! What do you think?

    I am a local high school teacher in Buffalo, New York and I decided to go all out at our mid winter dance. Check out the pics and let me know what you think. I used 2 b-52 subwoofers and 4 mackie srm450s for sound. The screens are as follows (from left to right): 12x12 draper screen, 8.5x10...
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    What projector do you use?

    Lets see what kind of projectors everyone uses here to project their videos. I use a Dell 2300mp and a Benq mp6110. What do you use?
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    projection screens what to use

    Good Afternoon everyone! I already have a 7.5 by 10 foot screen works ez-fold screen. I am looking to buy another. I saw that draper and da-lite makes a screen very comparable to screen works. Does anyone use these screens and what is my best option. If you take a look at this...
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    PC Setup for VJ'ing -- How about this!

    I will be using it for video mixing of course! Let me know what you think I should do or add or change. Rackmount Case - I-STAR D-300 BK Black 3U Rackmount Case ($200) Motherboard - ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe ($185)...
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    HELP Laptop need to be purchased! FAST! $750 coupon expires

    I am looking into video dj'ing. I was going to purchase an all out rackmount system but I like the verstaility of the laptop. Being the bargain shopper, I saw a coupon for a Dell Laptop $750 off $1500 purchase. I built one and want to know what you think about it. THESE COUPONS LAST ONLY ABOUT...
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    rackmount flat panel screen and keyboard

    Hello. I am putting together a rackmount computer vj system. I am looking for a way to rackmount an lcd screen that I can enclose in the case. Can you help me in my search? Is there something I can buy (say if I buy a dell flat panel monitor) to add on? Also where can I get a keyboard case...
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    Video Switch question

    I am looking for a video switch that I can hook up to my projector. I need the switch to have a computer inpu, rca (yellow) input and one more either rca or S-Video. I would like to have it have a rca video and S-video out. Is there anything out there? Jeff
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    What type of screen do you project on?

    I am looking for a screen that I can project on the front and on the rear. What do you guys use and how does it work out for you? I do not want to place the proector in from of them for obvious reasons so what would you do and recommend. This will be mainly for high school dances ranging from...
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    hooking up 6 speakers

    OK so I am a teacher at a high school and they confronted me to ask me if I could provide sound at graduation. Only thing is is that it is going to be on the football field. I was like ok. I agreed to help them out (kind of had no choice). I have all my mics and cords all set (called the av guy...