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    Rane MP4

    I'd be perfectly fine with a subscription, I was simply stating a fact that I've noticed becoming more of a trend. If people are here for info, I would think the best way to get that info may be from someone who has actually used the product. A dealer may be a little more biased as an...
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    Rane MP4

    Right you are. . . however it's EVERY thread. I simply can't ignore every single thread I read cause I do not agree. . . what I'm stating is not that they can't or shouldn't advertise, what I am specifically stating is that asking for an opinion shouldn't always lead to "we have them in...
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    USB microphones vs. standard wired mics?

    Rode is working on a model that is soon to be released called the Podcaster, certainly not cheap in any form of the word. Excellend broadcast quality usb mic.
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    Rane MP4

    Not to interject . .. but seriously, does anyone else notice that every opinion based question goes into "we have them in stock, call me for your best price" or a sales pitch. Just because you are a dealer and you support shouldn't just mean that every single post leads to a...
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    you know if you really wanted to get him back you could just cut his power and phone lines, then just have his water shut off. always a good laugh!
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    Mackie S408, any good?

    They are out and shipping, I'm personally not a fan, they do require the quad 10" or a sub to add any low end punch. Very tight and crisp in the hi/mid range as expected, a tad harsh in higher volume applications
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    I have a weird question

    I find trimming hours always works. 40 becomes 30 becomes 18, becomes 5
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    Sub Enclosures

    If building your own subwoofer was as simple as building a box and putting any old woofer in there I'd say go for it! But, it's just not that simple, there's several affordable subs available depending on your need, the JBL Jrx 118 isn't too far out, neither is the ACT18s and even the Vega Jr...
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    April 1st Annoucement: ProDJ.Com and Mobile Beat Merge

    Oh I was just welcoming you into April :)
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    What gear is the best value?

    Using the above definition of Value. When it comes to reliable, quality build I would say my most valuable purchases were my Crest CA 9's 2 now working flawless for 11 years, my Rane MP22z now 5 years and MP22 before that 8 years old. Minimal or no down time to me is certainly valuable...
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    Which four scanner package to invest in??

    I'm sorry I wasn't specifically directing that at you. I should've been more clear in that. The bottom line, the guy asked between Scantron and Deluxe Scan and it becomes an SCX500 vs. Novascan thread, sure the input is something to consider, but he's obviously looking at either of the two...
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    Which four scanner package to invest in??

    OK, now that we've gotten past the measuring contest. . . Between the two fixtures you've mentioned up top, Both are pretty similar but the Delux Scan has a more professional appearance mostly cause it's not using a super light weight convenient plastic housing thus making it more durable. As...
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    Question about being banned from another board...

    Something sounds fishy, not that I'm going to go out on a limb and defend anyone, both have pro's both have cons. That board has some good people as well as this one does. I would e-mail any of the moderators and ask if you are that interested. Personally if it was me, I'd just relax here...
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    Numark AVM01 Video Monday

    That's a GREAT SALES PITCH!!!!!!!! (sarcasm) "buy it even though it's not up to snuff??? For what it is, the FIRST audio/video mixer that's affordable and rackmountable, it's not that bad. The AVM02 will certainly hold up well in the market for dj's,clubs and the like
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    Painting Metal Base Plates

    Powdercoating is fantastic, I had my knight trussing powdercoated about 12 years ago, nary a scratch on it.
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    Anyone Watch American Idol Tonight?

    Randy actually has something going for him though. His stint with Journey as an afro bearing bass player!
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    Anyone Watch American Idol Tonight?

    When you leave decision making in the hands of the general public, and allow multiple votes via text or phone without limitations, how can you expect it to NOT be a popularity contest. As for the judging panel, it's been a very odd season. I'm still scratching my head as to how Paula Abdul...
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    Are your ears ringing?

    What's odd about this topic, I consider myself to be VERY lucky, considering the 14 years of mobile/club dj'ing and playing in bands that I somehow have "perfect" hearing according to my dr. I never considered wearing hearing protection until about a year ago, thinking that ringing would never...
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    Question of the day........

    hmmm a stripper to handle all the booking. . . .iiinteresting idea lol