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  1. Billabong

    Auction off DJ services

    I was asked by a local charity to donate DJ services for a fundraiser auction. I haven't replied yet, and was looking for some feedback. While I have no issues with the charity, or donating my time/services, this one has me hesitant. So, I give them "Four hours of DJ service" and people bid...
  2. Billabong

    Monster, Go DJ!

    Has anyone else seen this: But with only 2GB of internal storage, kind of weak. You can add an SD card (up to 32GB, which still probably isn't enough space). Oh, and it costs $600.
  3. Billabong

    Denon MC3000 stops responding in VDJ

    I had an odd thing happen at a gig on Saturday. My setup is a Denon MC3000 and a Dell laptop (Core i5, 8GB, Win7Pro) only used for DJing running VirtualDJ 7.4. Both plugged into a Furman power conditioner, along with two EV ZLX-112P powered speakers (will post review soon!), Gemini wireless mic...
  4. Billabong

    Yet Another "I updated my website" post

    OK, let me have it: I recently changed to a new hosting provider and they offer many templates for their "drag & drop" website builder. My biggest issue is pictures. I usually never have a chance to take good photos at parties. So should I keep the crappy couple...
  5. Billabong

    Why I love being a DJ

    So I DJ'ed my son's school's Field Day last week. Due to the weather on the East coast, there was a last minute day change to a day earlier. Not one to miss my mark, I was there. This is the note I got home on Friday: Makes up for the drunks, the obnoxious guests, the lame parties and...
  6. Billabong

    Active Speakers and A Crossover

    For those of you running active (powered) speakers and subs, do you use an external crossover to split the signal, or let the tops (or bottoms) do that work? Just wondering because I'm contemplating getting active speakers, and if I can eliminate my crossover, I can seriously downgrade my...
  7. Billabong


    Anyone play around with an Arduino board? I'm thinking of picking one up. I want to do some DIY audio processing with it, and I wonder if anyone has traveled down that road before. For those that are like "What is an Adruino?" Thanks!
  8. Billabong

    Would You Play This Venue?

    I bet they get lots of requests for the Harlem McShake with fries! :)
  9. Billabong

    Help finding artist

    Hey guys, Got a request sheet from my client, and I either have the songs, or I've bought them. Just having trouble with one. Who is "Paul Mccarthy"? Was he a member of "The Beetles"? Any help would be appreciated! :D
  10. Billabong

    Laptop Screen Size / Age Question

    Looking for some feedback from laptop users. What size screen do you currently use for DJing (make/model if you want to share), and your approximate age range (19 & younger, 20-29, 30-39, etc). I'm looking to purchase a new laptop and I'm on the fence with screen size. While I would like a shiny...
  11. Billabong

    Trailer Lettering

    Just a picture of the new lettering for the back of my trailer. On the back only, I don't need to advertise to my neighborhood. Where it's parked it's not visible from the street at any angle. Ordered it online from And yes, I know the second "-" is missing in the...
  12. Billabong

    It Died!

    You're half way through your gig and one of your fixtures stops working. Dead. Nada. Even unplugging it and plugging it back in doesn't fix it. Do you replace during the performance or just keep going with what is working and investigate after the show? My answer: Keeping going and...
  13. Billabong

    Crafty Weekend - Oh Clamps!

    Another project: I purchased a Chauvet MIN laser (great piece!) but was disappointed at the mounting options. The included tripod was ok, but I am not happy leaving it on a table. Or duct taping it to the truss. So once again I got creative. Start with a basic plastic O-Clamp, the...
  14. Billabong

    Modded Hand Truck

    Just a quick project I did and wanted to share. I had a regular hand truck from Home Depot with pneumatic tires on one end and hard plastic casters on the other. It worked okay, but it was very aggravating on cobblestones and other irregular surfaces due to the plastic casters. I saw the fancy...
  15. Billabong

    Lighting Truss Totems

    For those of you with using single truss totems to mount moving heads, how tall (long?) is your truss piece? Do you use one piece, or is it two (or more) joined together? Thanks!
  16. Billabong

    New MPC Gear

    Has anyone seen the new MPC equipment that will be turning up next week at NAMM? I'm not a huge beat maker, but always wanted to get an MPC 'just because' :) . Waiting to see what their iPad module (MPC Fly) will look like. The MPC Studio looks...
  17. Billabong

    Feedback from mic

    I did some searching on feedback, but want to make sure I'm picking the right equipment to solve my problem. When I use the mic, no problems of course, because I understand that you get too close to a speaker with an exposed microphone and WHEEEEEEEE!! that sound we all know and love. However...
  18. Billabong

    Laptop or rack mount computer?

    I'll make it a Poll too, but just wondering for some feedback on using a laptop vs. a rack mount computer. My setup is Traktor (hopefully soon the be PCDJ DEX), with two Denon S1200's as controllers. All of my music is on an external HD. I have a short rack for my power conditioner, amp...
  19. Billabong

    Wireless receiver rack location

    Hi all, I'm getting a new deck, and need to re-arrange my rack (8 slant-top, 10 bottom). Currently, my wireless receiver is mounted in the top of my rack, above the CD controller and mixer. Will I have a problem if I move it to the front part of the rack, where I have plenty of space? Thanks!
  20. Billabong

    Wal-Mart to offer (some) DRM-free downloads

    Full article here: Not every track, just the stuff from EMI & Universal. And, it will be $0.94, not $0.88 per track. The tracks will be in 256kbps MP3 format.