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  1. djsoxfan

    Spanish dance music

    Ask them to poll their Guests and email you a list or take requests that night. Most will have an Ipod or Phone with them and will ask you to play a track or two. DOn't buy to much in advance, because what you may buy they might not want
  2. djsoxfan

    song help

    It is a Cover of the Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons song
  3. djsoxfan

    Something I've noticed over the past few years

    On my info forms, i see the initials F.o.F. a lot. Friend of Family. or a Photographer I've never heard of?
  4. djsoxfan

    Are You Wobbling, yet?

    Tom, don't beat yourself up. I have yet to play or even have a request. I think it's very regional, here in the Northeast it took while for the Cha-Cha Slide to become big here. I DJ everything from Weddings to Schools.
  5. djsoxfan

    Less of ... More of

    A lot MORE, (FOF) Friend of Family Photographers???
  6. djsoxfan

    Worst nightmare

    Pyle of Poo! Sell your speakers and Buy a Pair of Powered Speakers. I recommend QSC K-10's, and if you got the cash buy a 3rd one for backup or for aux
  7. djsoxfan

    Is it me or does this tune STILL sound awesome?

    I loved, Love it. I also like "Melt with you " from the same Movie. I'll back you, even though your a Yankee Fan
  8. djsoxfan

    Last night my DJ van got broken into.

    If you have a choice, get a Garage opener with Battery Back up, you'll thank me if you lose power and come home to a dark House and can't open your Garage door.
  9. djsoxfan

    Best Song Cover Ever? Sexy and I know it

    How do you get a good quality download of this?
  10. djsoxfan

    Outdoor Powered Speaker?

    I have the QSC's both the 10 & 12's, however it's your budget that won't work
  11. djsoxfan

    Any DJ's Live or Work in Philly/NJ Area...

    I am back in PA til thursday morning. I am staying in Valley Forge / King of Prussia while my wife is working at her corporate HQ. I was looking to connect with someone from the area. I was thinking of going to Harrah's in Chester PA on Wednesday. please reply or call my Cell 603-340-3922
  12. djsoxfan

    finally broke down...

    How much & where?
  13. djsoxfan

    Rejects - Cat Daddy: Several Requests, anyone have it?

    it's actually by Rej3tz, if you're searching for it on I-Tunes
  14. djsoxfan

    Off Topic: Alpine Car Audio????

    How funny is that Ken is excited by a product named "Kenwood"?
  15. djsoxfan

    Any DJ's that live/work in The King of Prussia

    ... area that want to meet for Lunch on Monday the 11th? I am driving with my Wife for her work and have the day free
  16. djsoxfan

    Anyone Going to Fenway on 4/9 for Red Sox vs. Yankees?

    If 4/7/11 wasn't my 10th Wedding anniversary and My Wife and are going away for it, I'd be there!
  17. djsoxfan

    Best MacBook?

    I have the late 2009/2010 4G Ram 320 Gig HD 15.4 inch Screen. I too would get as big & fast as you can afford.
  18. djsoxfan

    RIP Nate Dogg

    How did he Die?
  19. djsoxfan

    Audience Participation Song Suggestions

    @Neal They were probably Yankee Fans!
  20. djsoxfan

    Audience Participation Song Suggestions

    Margaritaville, Sweet Caroline,