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  1. Jason Cathcart

    Can I get a click-click?

    We all remember this contest from last year - but I need to win this thing locally. Its not just my pride, its the guy who's leading me by 30 points right now... So could you give me a couple clicks? I'd appreciate it and promise to be your bestest friend till the end of your days...
  2. Jason Cathcart

    Traveling to a foreign country for an event

    I know some of you guys have traveled to foreign countries for clients in the past. How did you work out the travel? I'm talking to a potential client about a gig in sunny Cuba for the end of March. In 17 years this is the first time someone has asked me to go further than I can drive in a day.
  3. Jason Cathcart

    Some days you want to bang your head against the wall.

    Last Monday I had a phone call from a wedding planner that I've worked with before practically begging me to be available for their client on September 14th. Luckily I was available and she asked me to send over the paperwork, and to pencil them in until she could get it signed, as it was a done...
  4. Jason Cathcart

    Spots on projector

    Hey guys, I've got an Optoma Short Throw Projector and I'm in the middle of a 3 day run on a corporate event. Yesterday everything looked perfect, but today I've got small white square dots and dark spots - only on one side of the image and only about 1/3rd of the image. To me they look like...
  5. Jason Cathcart

    Smooth with the ladies...

  6. Jason Cathcart

    Argh. Technology bites!

    Last night I decided to tag the files on my main video drive with media monkey, which resulted in about 2400 corrupted mp4's. ... and then my automated back up ran... Copying all the changed & now corrupted files to my back up drive. So - now I'm desperately hoping there might be some kind...
  7. Jason Cathcart

    Something different for your Halloween Cocktails Heavy Metal Swing. Oddly entertaining and just ever so slightly creepy.
  8. Jason Cathcart

    Why is giving myself a raise so scary?

    I've been struggling - not with bookings - but with myself. About 6 months ago I removed my lowest priced package from my website. Calls haven't stopped coming in, in fact I'm busier than ever. A few weeks back I had a fairly unique opportunity - at least for myself. I had a client who was...
  9. Jason Cathcart

    Where were you when the Party Rockin stopped?

    Looks like LMFAO is all done...
  10. Jason Cathcart

    Is a $675,000 fine for sharing 31 pirated songs too much? I'd say it's extreme. What are your thoughts?
  11. Jason Cathcart

    RIP Neil Armstrong

    Rest in Peace Neil. Someday, your atoms will return to the stars from which they were forged. In life you made a giant leap for mankind. In death, your atoms will never stop exploring. Thanks for everything. He will be mourned by his families and friends; he will be mourned by his nation; he...
  12. Jason Cathcart

    Is K-Pop crossing over?

    Apparently - and I'm admittedly late to the game on this because there are 46 Million Views on this video - this K-Pop track is becoming a big hit Kind of reminds me of a Korean Pitbull. Is K-Pop going to be the next big thing?
  13. Jason Cathcart

    Gotye - Somebodies: A Youtube Orchestra

    I know we're all sick to death of this song. But I thought this was neat!
  14. Jason Cathcart

    Tips for Designing D-Sized Gobos?

    A few months ago I picked up a NIB Martin PR1 for a song. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I've got a couple weddings coming up where they've asked for monogram projection. My understanding is that the PR1 uses a D-Sized gobo - so you guys who do this all the time - what are your...
  15. Jason Cathcart

    So this just happened 10 minutes away from me this past weekend

    Seems I wasn't quite high enough profile for this couple who got married just 10 minutes away from my house. At least I lost it to someone talented ;)
  16. Jason Cathcart

    QSC K-Series Fan Cleaning

    Anyone have a how to? I'm starting to see a little bit of build up on the blades of my K12's and I'd like to clean them off, but finding a guide for fan removal on the net hasn't been easy.
  17. Jason Cathcart

    Last night's event ended a little early....

    ... like 2.5 hours early. The bride's grandfather came over and asked - well complained grumpily is more like it - that I play something the older folks - geezer as he called them - could dance to. Of course he didn't have any specific request, and walked away from me kinda pissed off. So...
  18. Jason Cathcart

    How about this cover of Call Me Maybe

    I have to apologize for Canada's latest assault on the ears. First it was Bryan Adams, then it was Celine Dion and more recently Justin Beiber. Now its Carly Rae Jepsen. However Ben Howard does a great cover of the song here, that takes it from stalker crazy to something sweet & soothing...
  19. Jason Cathcart

    Denon MC6000 Users, Show me your setups!

    After much frustration, consternation, and constipation in my search for the perfect mixer for all my needs (it doesn't exist by the way) I've come to a conclusion and I'm seriously considering purchasing a Denon MC6000. I like that I'm able to pretty easily move between Serato & Virtual DJ with...
  20. Jason Cathcart

    Wedding Music List

    I came across this site today, almost by accident - Tons of music lists here for every part of a wedding day. I'm sure lots of you guys have seen it before, but I hadn't so I thought I'd share.