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  1. djsoxfan

    Any DJ's Live or Work in Philly/NJ Area...

    I am back in PA til thursday morning. I am staying in Valley Forge / King of Prussia while my wife is working at her corporate HQ. I was looking to connect with someone from the area. I was thinking of going to Harrah's in Chester PA on Wednesday. please reply or call my Cell 603-340-3922
  2. djsoxfan

    Any DJ's that live/work in The King of Prussia

    ... area that want to meet for Lunch on Monday the 11th? I am driving with my Wife for her work and have the day free
  3. djsoxfan

    Ripping Question

    I have been ripping songs into my MAC through I-Tunes for a year with no Problem. Recently when I go to rip TM Studios PC weekly, It skips over tracks, but rips just the info and not the song, it won't play those same tracks. I delete the info and try to rip again, sometime it rips other times...
  4. djsoxfan

    Music & Computer ?

    When ripping a CD to the Computer and a song is broken into multiple tracks, how do you combine or merge them back.(Like a medley or a remix that is broken into parts like X-mix or a Premixed CD?)
  5. djsoxfan

    Vacation Question

    Any advice on a Cruise Vacation? Which Cruise Line, deals etc.
  6. djsoxfan

    Music Help - Last Minute Song

    Does anyone know of a Version of "The Prayer" that is done by Bocelli and Sarah Brightman? I have a bride who changed her song with her Dad and the wedding is tomorrow. I have look through the normal spots and keep coming up with the "Celine version" or Sarah & Bocelli doing "Time to say...
  7. djsoxfan

    PS-3 & Wii ?

    Just got a PS-3 for x-mas any advice or recommendations on games or accessories and where to get them and I have a Wii and I need to know how I can hook it up to a HDMI input on a LED TV? Thanks in advance
  8. djsoxfan

    Dear Yankee Fans,

    Merry Cliffmas!!!
  9. djsoxfan


    Search youtube for jedward "under pressure / ice ice baby" it's on TM Studios HU201007 Hey Jim do you think this will end up on Prime Cuts Weekly?
  10. djsoxfan

    QSC K12's (or K10's or 8's) Recent Reviews

    I'm looking for DJ Reviews from anyone who owns them
  11. djsoxfan

    Mac Users

    I bought a Mac Book Pro, and haven't bought any software. Any recommendations and what are you using to rip and or tag? I also bought a WD Passport HD (328 G) and other recommendations Thanks in advance
  12. djsoxfan

    Requests for...

    Has anyone gotten a request(s) for "Shots' by LMFAO & Lil Jon I just did 2 Prep Schools and both asked for it and it's not on Prime Cuts Weekly yet? It is on P O Rhythm OCT '09?
  13. djsoxfan

    Cyber Monday - Any Hidden Jems/deals?

    Just wondering if anybody found any deals DJ or Personal?
  14. djsoxfan

    Any DJ's near King of Prussia PA?

    I will be in your Area and have a free Nite on Tuesday the 17th. My wife will be at a Work Dinner so I will be flying solo and Probably try find a good Sports Bar or if I have to go to RUTH CHRIS!
  15. djsoxfan

    School Dance Music

    I know this should probably go in Schools or Music, but in interest of time and to make sure I get the most visibility. I have my first School Dance of the School year tonight and was going over music and TM Studio Discs and CHarts and was wondering if anyone has had any requests for music...
  16. djsoxfan

    Looking for a song

    Has anyone heard a remix of "Leader of the Pack"? and if so where can I find it?
  17. djsoxfan

    Looking for a song

    Sex & Beer?
  18. djsoxfan

    Running Powered Speakers Wireless

    What are you using to run your Powered Speaker(s) wireless? Has anyone used the VocoPro Unit featured on page 23 in this months MB?
  19. djsoxfan

    Looking for a song

    The Prayer - Kid Cudi (not Nite & Day i've got that one) I have a request for a Prom and couldn't find it on I-tunes & Amazon etc.
  20. djsoxfan

    I was quoted in my Local Paper...

    about School Dances and Grinding. -903030386. Let me know what you think