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  1. ZonComGMZ

    Master DJ List (Online Presence)

    I somehow broke the "Add Your Information to the Master List" link. Just click on the "View ALL entered Information in the Master List" Link to add it directly to the Spreadsheet. Sorry Guys.
  2. ZonComGMZ

    Master DJ List (Online Presence)

    Hey everyone. With all of the social networks out there it can be hard to keep track of everyone on all the different spaces. I created a Master Spreadsheet that we can fill out to share our information about our Online Presence with each other. Please fill out only the information you...
  3. ZonComGMZ

    Holographic Photos
  4. ZonComGMZ

    Looking for a new wireless microphone

    I have the Sennheiser G2 ew100's for over 5 years and it has never let me down. Awesome units and can always find a signal even in busy downtown Chicago. Just make sure you don't get anything in the 800 band and you should be fine.
  5. ZonComGMZ

    Help with Relay for Life Setups

    I would put Bose L1's spaced every 10 feet around the whole track :)
  6. ZonComGMZ

    Photobooth Pipe & Drape

    I have a 5'x5' EZ-UP tent with a black top cover. I made 4 backets that attaches to the poles on the outside to put the poles on. I then use PVC as the poles and used standard Photographer Backdrops and cut them to length. I would suggest getting BLACK ABS instead of the WHITE PVC to have a...
  7. ZonComGMZ

    Cheap Uplight or is it a Good One

    Great idea. Oh wait... I now need 24 projectors :)
  8. ZonComGMZ

    Power Conditioners...What do you really need?

    Here is a cheap gadget you plug in and will give you the input voltage as well as the load.
  9. ZonComGMZ

    Photo Booths: A Fad Or Here To Stay As A Wedding Standard?

    BP, how about doing an uplit photo booth :)
  10. ZonComGMZ

    For Those With Photobooths: Prints At Event or Not?

    We print out the photos at the event. On the bottom of every photostrip it has a website address to our website for the Photo Booth along with a password to get into that specific gallery. When a guest goes to the website they can then download and print out their photo also. Once all photos...
  11. ZonComGMZ

    Anyone get the Wedding Wire Bride's Choice Award yet?

    I'd like to thank everyone that made this possible especially the Academy and the other DJs who worked tirelessly so I could get this award. I accept this on their behalf.
  12. ZonComGMZ

    HD Video Cameras

    Here is what I got. Canon Powershot SD940 IS. Not only does it shoot 12 MP images but it also shoot 720P Video. My problem was I would forget my camcorder when I did an event. This thing is small enough that I have it with me all the time. At events I also have a Manfrotto Superclamp that I...
  13. ZonComGMZ

    Anyone get the Wedding Wire Bride's Choice Award yet?

    I vote that everyone give me an award. :)
  14. ZonComGMZ

    Current Hits Songlist Printout

    Thanks everyone. All great suggestions.
  15. ZonComGMZ

    Current Hits Songlist Printout

    Thanks Chris & Brian.
  16. ZonComGMZ

    So I was wondering why....

    That is powering the Universe. Please don't unplug it.
  17. ZonComGMZ

    Current Hits Songlist Printout

    Where does everyone get their list of current hits from? Currently I go to "" and copy and past the list but it requires a lot of formatting the HTML to print it out. I would like a simple list of the Top 40, or Top 100 current songs of the week to printout and bring to an...
  18. ZonComGMZ

    Built my own Media Booth

    I got most of the inspiration for this design and form factor from Michael Susca (DJ Mikey Mike) by watching his YouTube video on how he built his. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to build their own photobooth to watch it to at least get some ideas. I then just made some adjustments...
  19. ZonComGMZ

    Built my own Media Booth

    Wes - I bought pretty much everything from Penn-Elcom. It wasn't a case kit. I just figured out how much laminated wood, and aluminium I needed and ordered a little more for any errors. I purchased fans & switches etc. from Parts Express & Allied Electronics.
  20. ZonComGMZ

    Built my own Media Booth

    Jason - Since I decided not to use a touchscreen the buttons are for user input. For example in photobooth mode I have it setup where the guest press one button for color photos and one for black & white. You can see in the photo I have arrow on the screen pointing down to the button to press...