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  1. ZonComGMZ

    Master DJ List (Online Presence)

    Hey everyone. With all of the social networks out there it can be hard to keep track of everyone on all the different spaces. I created a Master Spreadsheet that we can fill out to share our information about our Online Presence with each other. Please fill out only the information you...
  2. ZonComGMZ

    Current Hits Songlist Printout

    Where does everyone get their list of current hits from? Currently I go to "" and copy and past the list but it requires a lot of formatting the HTML to print it out. I would like a simple list of the Top 40, or Top 100 current songs of the week to printout and bring to an...
  3. ZonComGMZ

    Built my own Media Booth

    I finished building my Media Booth a few weeks ago. I have already used it once and have 3 more inquires and bookings. It took a lot of hard work since this was my first go at it. I think it came out pretty good and am happy with it. Let me know what you think. Here is a Pic of it. Media...
  4. ZonComGMZ

    A Tale of 2 Companies

    This is a story about 2 companies that I have read about on this BBS/Forum. We will call them Company A & Company B. I was DJing a party on August 7th, 2010 so I wanted to use a couple of Blizzard Puck lights to add ambiance as up-lighting. Company A Experience I wanted to give a local...
  5. ZonComGMZ

    Low Profile Slim LED Par Fixtures

    With a lot of interest in the slimmer LED Par fixtures I have started to compile a list. Here is some info. Please make any corrections or add any new ones or ones I don't have listed to this list so we can all have a place to compare specs. Please only list Low Profile (Under 3" thick) LED...
  6. ZonComGMZ

    MOX Cables w AC & DMX

    Anyone know where to get cords that have TAPS or grounded 3 prong outlets every 8 or 10 feet in Black? I would like to run them along a wall and plug uplights into these. I have seen GBI MOX in green but not in Black anywhere. Looks like they were discontinued or something. Also saw the...
  7. ZonComGMZ

    BLACK Rubbermaid 18 Gal Roughneck Box

    Anyone know where to get BLACK Rubbermaid 18 Gal Roughneck Boxes?
  8. ZonComGMZ

    Where do you get your Media from?

    Forgive me if anyone has done this before but I wasn't able to find much. I am looking into getting information about obtaining media. I don't mean .torrents or P2P sites but legitimate media from legitimate media outlets. Here is a FAKE entry but I am looking something along these lines...
  9. ZonComGMZ

    Summer Conferences?

    Does anyone know if Mobile Beat or ADJA is having any conferences this summer? MB had one a couple of years ago in Chicago & ADJA had one last year in Chicago.
  10. ZonComGMZ

    Backup System (iPhone Software) This looks pretty cool for those of you that have iPhones or iTouchs. This may be a good backup solution in case your main system dies (knock on wood). I'm probably gonna get it because it is DJ software and I am a DJ. Plus it is another...
  11. ZonComGMZ

    Caddies for DDS/HDMIX?

    The DDS/HDMIX caddie comes with an IDE interface to a IDE hard drive. Since IDE Hard drives are being replaced by SATA Hard drives I would like a SATA Caddie. Innertray - SATA connector inside for SATA Hard Drive - 50 Pin Centronics Connector (F) on the outside to plug into DDS/HDMIX 50 Pin...
  12. ZonComGMZ

    Numark DDS Librarian Problem!

    I am running Numark Librarian on my DDS Hard Drive and it gives me the errors listed below. It gives me the same message if I use Fast, Normal, Full or Advanced. Ther Hard Drive is formatted as FAT32. I also tried deleting the .library folder to see if a NEW rebuild would help out only to get...
  13. ZonComGMZ

    DDS Hard Drive Upgrade?

    I currently have the DDS80 & swapped out the 80GB HD with a 500GB HD. Windows couldn't format it as FAT32 with the partition being over 320GB so I found a different program to do so. The interface that the DDS uses is EIDE & the largest EIDE drives on the market are 750GB but they have been...