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  1. steve fernino

    UPDATE on DJIS and PodcastForDJs

    Hello all... It's been a while. Unfortunately it has been very hectic since I last checked in. My wife has been ill since September and we are still dealing with her condition. On top of that, we are still trying to get one of the manufacturers to repair broken (and crucial) podcasting gear...
  2. steve fernino

    Spring into Success w/ Randy Bartlett, Dr Drax, & Rob Pe

    SPRING INTO SUCCESS ANNOUNCED! For advanced ticket purchase/RSVP please goto: or call 1-877-4NEADJA Admission: Non Members - $40/advance - $50/door ADJA National Only Members (No Local Affiliation) - $20/advance - $25/door ADJA...
  3. steve fernino

    Podcast: DJIS Live from MBLV08 Complete - Listen now!

    The DJ Idea Sharing Podcast Network's run of Live Recordings from the 2008 Mobile Beat Show and Conference in Las Vegas is now complete and available... ENJOY! There are 3 options for listening on your mp3 player or computer: Subscribe via iTunes with one-click You must already have iTunes...
  4. steve fernino

    DJISPN interviews Freedom Williams of C+C

    One of our big surprises we couldn't talk about until now is our Legends interview with Freedom WIlliams of C+C Music Factory that we conducted today in front of a VIP studio audience. Our thanks to Freedom for being kind enough to interview with us and for being so entertaining! This...
  5. steve fernino

    DJ Idea Sharing interviews Jay Conrad Levinson at MBLV08

    Today in Vegas the DJISPN interviewed the Mobile Beat 2008 keynote, the father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson. It was a fantastic and informative interview. Jay is a nice, down to earth, intelligent guy... You will all enjoy the interview very much! We will air it soon on the...
  6. steve fernino

    Podcast: Special Edition - Training Your Next Great DJ

    DJ Idea Sharing Podcast Network: Special Edition - Training Your Next Great DJ In the interview from DJ Expo with Mike Walter, it was mentioned that his specialty was DJ staff training. Many of our listeners asked us to find out a little more about that, so we asked Mike to come back on the...
  7. steve fernino

    DJIS: Posting to a "Podcast" Thread without listen

    Just for the record, We ask that you please do NOT post to a thread continued from a Podcast topic without listening to it first. The sole reason for those threads is to continue the discussion from the podcast to the forum. It makes no sense to respond and input your 2 cents when you...
  8. steve fernino

    DJIS Fun Fact: Jan. 24, 1984: Birth of the Cool

    Thought you all might enjoy this little fun fact about this date 20 years ago that helped in the shaping of what we are now doing as CPS DJs today... whether you use a Mac or not, Apple's GUI and their early computers changed the Personal and Professional computing worlds forever. Jan. 24...
  9. steve fernino

    DJIS Product Feature: Denon DN-S1200

    Freshly announced today at NAMM!: The DN-S1200 Compact Media Player & Controller. The new DN-S1200 Compact CD Media Player & Controller is a fully versatile DJ tool that will succeed the DN-S1000. Compact in size, black in color and equipped with remarkable features this player is very...
  10. steve fernino

    DJIS FB 6: Insurance

    This is the topic from episode 6 of the Fishbowl podcast series on the DJ Idea Sharing Podcast Network. Please listen to the episode and then chime in here with your thoughts and experiences on why you need it. Please feel free to include insurance "horror stories." This episode was...
  11. steve fernino

    DJIS FB 3: Local Networking

    This is the topic from episode 3 of the Fishbowl podcast series on the DJ Idea Sharing Podcast Network. Please listen to the episode and then chime in here with your thoughts and experiences. Thanks!
  12. steve fernino

    DJIS FB 1: Internet Marketing

    This is the topic of the first episode of the Fishbowl podcast series on the DJ Idea Sharing Podcast Network. Please listen to the episode and then chime in here with your thoughts and experiences.
  13. steve fernino

    DJIS: Product Feature: Denon DN-HS5500

    Denon, a long time supporter and contributor of DJ Idea Sharing has officially introduced the Denon DN-HS5500. The Denon DN-HS5500 micro-site is now up. Check it out at Please feel free to post questions for Silvio! (Doug! BREATHE!) ;)
  14. steve fernino

    DJIS: Bridal Show-Indentify as a DJ vs other type of vendor?

    Walter asked: Additionally Walter would like to know:
  15. steve fernino

    Podcast: How to set your feed correctly... Don't miss one!

    REMINDER: Please set your podcast catching software (or itunes) preferences to Download ALL podcasts instead of Download MOST RECENT podcast. As we may be airing multiple episodes per week, this will ensure that you don't miss any (as many did with one of the CMB episodes!) If you have trouble...
  16. steve fernino

    DJIS: Wanted - photos, videos, audio of past DJIS events

    Through the years we have tried our best to archive what we could from each event. It was hard though as different people were involved with different events. Also, we had worked with people who promised to get us photos and video of a few events that we were having, that have still to this...
  17. steve fernino

    DJIS: Dinner Music Selection ideas?

    Keith aka "AASDJ" asked...
  18. steve fernino

    DJIS FB 5 (Bonus Topic): Using pictures as guest interaction

    Will had asked: Will, this was previously mentioned as part of one of our podcasts. The Fishbowl - Episode 5: Guest Interaction with hosts Mike Fernino & Mike Mahoney. Please give it a listen, and everyone please chime in here, specifically about how you use pictures to interact with your...
  19. steve fernino

    DJIS: Some changes taking effect in the DJIS forum...

    Ryan, the staff of ProDJ, and the staff of DJ Idea Sharing are in agreement on making a few changes so that this relationship may flourish. This will be broken into multiple posts, in order to separate this into more readable chunks. Also, some additional changes may be added (as additional...