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  1. KennyZail

    Prom Tunes?

    What are this years best tunes for a prom?
  2. KennyZail

    Prom Tunes This Season??

    I've got a prom this weekend, what's hot now?
  3. KennyZail

    Gary Kassor Passed Away

    Some of you may remember Gary Kassor, excellent entertainer/DJ won the Entertainer of the Year Award about 10 years ago in Vegas. He was from the Cleveland OH area, also known for doing horse racing games. My thoughts are with his family. He died from complications from diabetes which he was...
  4. KennyZail

    Vdj 8 And Denon Mc4000

    Just hooked up my computer to MC4000 and changed to VDJ 8. I am finding that my songs are automatically syncing the BPMs. Any thoughts? Can the sync be turned off either on the MC4000 or VDJ 8?
  5. KennyZail

    Help - Asio Not Enough Channel - Vdj

    Airline lost my luggage. In it was my music computer and game show buzzers. Buzzers have just arrived, but having trouble getting my computer [ VDJ] to work with my Denon 6000. I get an error about ASIO not having enough channels? What to do?
  6. KennyZail

    Rip Lesley Gore

  7. KennyZail

    Song Keys

    I've been checking my song keys on virtual DJ and I've noticed that not one of my thousands of songs is listed as a major key, using the Camelot System, all are in minor keys. Has anyone else noticed this? Does it have to do with TM Studios? Does my Virtual DJ have an issue?
  8. KennyZail

    Mc6000 And Guitar?

    I just found out that there will be a guitarist at the ceremony today and would like to hook up to my MC6000. I don't see a 1/4 inch input. Suggestions...
  9. KennyZail

    Pca Files

    Twice in two days I have received a disc with .pca files on it. The first time it was supposed to be played on my CD player at a fundraising event. The second time my bride gave me 5 discs of her "unusual" music and her ceremony music too. Those were supposed to be played with Virtual DJ on my...
  10. KennyZail

    Vdj History

    Is there a way of printing a history folder in Virtual DJ?
  11. KennyZail

    Virtual Dj 7 Transfers?

    I am transferring copying from my music from one external hard drive that I use on my original laptop, to a second external hard drive that is part of my backup laptop. Is there a way of copying the cue points of each song and the history folder?
  12. KennyZail

    50th Hs Reunion

    Looking for ideas for prizes at my 50th HS Reunion. Like: Traveled the longest Most Grandchildren Longest Married any ideas???
  13. KennyZail

    New Song - Fireball

    Wondering if anyone is having success with Pitbull's Fireball. I can imagine using a "conga line" for this or having everyone go down and back up again (ala Shout).
  14. KennyZail

    Can I Use Microphone Xlr Cables From Mixer To Powered Speakers

    I've Googled this and found all kinds of answers. I'm not even sure which of my cables are mic and which are speaker cables, but they all work. I was looking at Amazon to buy some longer cables (50-100 ft) and noticed that some say mic and some say speaker. So they got me wondering. I've seen...
  15. KennyZail

    VDJ 8 vs VDJ 7

    Is the VDJ 8 easier or better than VDJ 7? I bought a new laptop as a backup and wondering if I should put 8 or 7 on it. I am using 7 now. BTW - is the license for two laptops?
  16. KennyZail

    Shure QLX-D Digital Wireless Systems?

    Is this to compete with Line 6? Any word about it?
  17. KennyZail

    Using VDJ without my Denon?

    What do I need to do to play my VDJ just from my computer, through my headphones or computer speakers? I'm getting lazy and want to work on some mixes without setting up my Denon MC6000.
  18. KennyZail

    android - apple question

    I have a Samsung android phone (which I love), and a PC Virtual DJ user, I'm thinking of getting a tablet soon. I'm not changing phones or computers. I have seen some cool app's for the iPad and I'm leaning that way. I plan to use the tablet primarily as a back up DJ software program. Is...
  19. KennyZail


    I've got several public events coming up this summer and I would like to have some give aways for trivia questions, "first on to bring up...", oldies dance contests etc. This would be for adults, not kids. Anyone have some good ideas that have been appreciated by the winners?
  20. KennyZail

    Technical question about VDJ & MC6000

    I have noticed that when I click the round sample button on the MC6000 it sets the first 4 samples on the 1-4 cue/sample rectangular buttons. Is there a way of setting deck 2's rectangular buttons to the next 5-8 samples or randomly assigning samples to those 4 rectangular buttons? Why have the...