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  1. DjDennis

    Billboard 2010: YearEnd Hot 100 Songs (2010)

    Billboard 2010: YearEnd Hot 100 Songs (2010) Tracklist: 01 Ke$ha - TiK ToK 02 Lady Antebellum - Need You Now 03 Train - Hey, Soul Sister 04 Katy Perry Featuring Snoop Dogg - California Gurls 05 Usher Featuring - OMG 06 B.o.B Featuring Hayley Williams -...
  2. DjDennis

    Who is working over Christmas

    This is on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, the monday and tuesday Holiday (well we have them here since Saturday is Christmas Day) Anyone working on New years eve and days around that because of the Saturday is New years Day 31st is Friday we still get of Monday Holiday (locally) I...
  3. DjDennis


    I'll be the first as I am in 2008 Since I just got home from a gig 9pm till 1am wasnt that long but 1200.00 is ok for tonight no setup the gear supplied and everything is done anyway home again at now 2am (I always leave the system online lol) have a HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL in 2008
  4. DjDennis

    Lyrics to Songs

    well I have found this place great for lyrics Christmas songs: Main site Romantic Love songs here: that should keep you lot busy for...
  5. DjDennis

    Billboard top 100 Songs ?

    Anyone looking at what is on thier lists ? here is one I got (cant remember the date sorry) hope that helps anyone hope more people look at lists to see/use it anyway they can
  6. DjDennis

    Ok Found a Site for all Dj's on Training (Can be handy)

    I would like to offer a few sites for training that can used for different professions there they are they are from the same site but its the content that should be handy if anyone else sees more just add it for all to use
  7. DjDennis

    The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

    ok you ever think what is best to use on your system then better have a look at these The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities I install some for all the Clients I service unless they want to pay $$$ for the proper software website...
  8. DjDennis

    Remember this ??

    (Ryan's going to love this for his photo book ) looking at some old posts and sites etc - I found this hidden away lol see attached
  9. DjDennis

    501 Web Site Secrets: Unleash the Power of Google, + more

    Get it while you can I already have a copy and its something everyone should read Sorry Site removed - as some idiot thinks I stole it message or email me if you want a copy just follow the steps for the FREE download if the download finishes before you get a copy just message me...
  10. DjDennis

    New Site for Lyric Searches...

    If you ever had a time you need to check out if a song had bad lyrics or not, then best have a look at these few sites that you can read for yourself... here is the new one >>> <<< I also have a section you can search on located here >>>...
  11. DjDennis

    Funnies: Here is one for all you Club Dj's

    Have a look at this short film best viewed with Broadband connection only...
  12. DjDennis

    From the site "Fire Your Wedding Planner"

    now has anyone have any trouble with new clients wanting to do this ?? seems its even found its way all the way to Australia... want to read some of this its here seems the site has poped up again in telling brides how to cut costs even for...
  13. DjDennis

    Illegal Software at a Show !

    I am asking a legit Question so no smart comments... If you are a Dj and working at a show and a GUEST that is in the Copyright protection section (not knowing to you) that you say to them by accident that yours is a free copy that was Given to you by a friend of a friend... if you got...
  14. DjDennis

    Vendor Cancellation Policies

    this got me thinking have a read - could be worth a look PAGE TOPIC: Vendor Cancellation Policies Anyway that should be worth a think about as well have a nice day
  15. DjDennis

    Been creating a All Time Classic's List!!

    Been making a Few CD's that I would use most shows have a look and tell me if this is what you would have on a CD... have a great weekend
  16. DjDennis

    What software do you use ?

    Anyone want to show us what software they use for most jobs either for djing / business / website / artwork design etc ? just so people get the feeling I'll start Coreldraw 10 - Artwork Photoshop Paint Shop Pro Swish FlashMX Gif2swf Cooledit Pro AudioGrabber Winamp Bmp Studio...
  17. DjDennis

    System Failure - Always have backup Gear

    Ok here is an Article I did for Several sites - I will share with you guys.. Always Have Dj BACKUP Gear... by DjDennis from Treble Clef Mobile Dj Entertainment BE PREPARED! You should keep equipment backups (as well as other essential items) on hand, ready to go should you have a...