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  1. Garrison Pledger

    Bill Smith Retirement

    Hey Bill ! I wasn't able to reply directly to your post probably because I don't know how this still works on the forums and when I hit reply it didn't give me an option to type anything so here goes. What a great story and history. I recal reading many of your posts back in the day. You were...
  2. Garrison Pledger

    After 6 Years Of Trucking I'm Finally Back!

    Eldon "Big E" or Ryan Burger are you all still around? How about anybody in the Spokane or Coeur d'alene, Idaho markets? Sure would like to chat with them about restarting my DJ Career! This is going to be a wild adventure starting again from scratch. Briefly, I was a regular here from the...
  3. Garrison Pledger

    Daddy Daughter Date Event

    Well howdy y'all !!!! I haven't been here in several years but I have been starting to take an event or 2 here and there. Been out driving a big rig and getting more spiritual and such. I have an event I'm preparing for and thought maybe I could get some ideas from the old gang. The event is...
  4. Garrison Pledger

    Howdy Y'all from Texas!

    I took a couple of years off to go driving a big rig so I guess I've been SEMI-retired eh! Anybody from the old days still around? Remember the LDJC? Driving an 18 wheeler sure is a trip! Especially after DJ'ing for 20 years and being my own boss and only really busting my butt on...
  5. Garrison Pledger

    Toyota Recall

    So you'e headed down the road at 75 mph and all of a sudden your speed increases substantially to 100 or more mph. You're in a Toyota and you can't quickly figure out why you're suddenly breaking the law but the brakes don't slow you down and you're actually increasing speed. What would you...
  6. Garrison Pledger

    North Dakota Bound

    It's been so slow around here that I can take one of my last big event bookings and make it my very last in Texas. I plan on being established in Bismarck, North Dakota by March 1st, 2010 and since I'm not a huge threat I hope the local and established DJ Companies will use my experience and...
  7. Garrison Pledger

    Rex is Closing Here

    Rex is a retailer that moves large ticket merchandise like TV's, and big ticket items I guess you could say. They always had a flyer in the Sunday paper with coupons and discounts until recently. Now they are closed. While they were open I often thought about how they sold enough to even get...
  8. Garrison Pledger

    Need T Talk with A PCDJ Red VRM pro

    Hey gang, I'm off today and messing around with my new Red VRM. If anyone is experienced with the program and has some time to talk about a couple of minor things I'm experiencing with it, I'd like to give you a call sometime today or tonight (Saturday, June 21). Please reply here with a...
  9. Garrison Pledger

    Needing More RCA Channels on Mixer

    Is there anyone else like me that needs more rca to rca connections? I have a 4 channel Numark DM1200 mixer, running channel one for CD1, channel 2 for CD2 and channel 3 for PCDJ player 1, channel 4 for PCDJ player 2 and when I need to play off the laptop I switch channel 4 to channel 5 as...
  10. Garrison Pledger

    Barter or Trading

    The guy that bartered a single red paper clip for items one at a time, eventually achieving a house in his last deal at Kipling, Saskatchewan got me thinking..... First it would be foolish to think a person could repeat his success since it was a novelty type endevour & a visit to...
  11. Garrison Pledger

    Last Breath For Net Radio

    If you listen to any internet radio and if it's something you would like to have continue you might want to visit the following site immediately. I only listen to a few net stations and even then only once a week or so. Or when I find out about a new station or artist...
  12. Garrison Pledger

    Blank Monitor On Start-up Help Needed

    My old Pentium 3 is showing it's age I guess. When I power on the monitor doesn't boot at all. No beep, no screen, nothing. The computer itself appears OK since all the lights on the back do come on as normal. It did this a while back but when I had it cleaned and checked by a Com-pro...
  13. Garrison Pledger

    Jehovah Witness Event

    I have what is being labeled as a wedding shower dance this weekend arranged by friends for the soon to be married J.W. couple. I've received a little info on what they desire as far as the music is concerned such as no songs with sex in the lyrics, no rap at all which is cool with me. They...
  14. Garrison Pledger

    Photographs & Orbs

    I recently bought a 6 mega pixel Sony Digital camera and I've been extremely happy with the fact I have more memories and more importantly to me advertising pics than I ever had with the conventional camera. Instantly workable (cropping and sizing) and loadable to where ever I need to put them...
  15. Garrison Pledger

    Corpus Christi Texas Networking

    Anybody from Corpus Christi want to network next week? Gary
  16. Garrison Pledger

    Gateway Home Computer Question

    Anybody know what might be wrong with my 5 year old Gateway 500s Home Computer? When I turn it on the Gateway logo comes on the screen but it takes almost 15 minutes for Windows to start up. I delete temp files and defrag regularly and recently took several things out with Add/remove...
  17. Garrison Pledger

    NB Ridaz Custom CD

    I did a small wedding tonight and by small I mean very, less than half the expected 100 guests showed. But really it was a quality event and those that didn't come missed out on an open bar and a sit down steak dinner! It was Ceremony & Reception in the same samll room. I was just...
  18. Garrison Pledger

    Whitesnake Song

    Does anybody know if Whitesnake ever had a song titled "When I See You Smile"? I have the Bad English song with that title. I've been searching for hours. What a huge waste of time!!!! Another pisser, the song "Love Is" by Vanessa Williams & Brian McKnight isn't on Itunes. Then at...
  19. Garrison Pledger

    Need A Ronan Keating Song

    Help! The Way You Make Me Feel-Ronan Keating Tried Itunes and it's only available in the UK & UKItunes won't work from here. come says it's in stock but I doubt it because everywhere else it's out of stock. Anybody help me out? Need it for the 1st Dance on the 29th. Gary
  20. Garrison Pledger

    How Many Bald DJ's Are There?

    I admit I posted the fact I shaved my noggin' on another board. I am curious though as to how many are willing to show support or show some inginuiety (sic) as to what baldness as a DJ is all about! I (did) have a great head of hair but it's hotter than hell here in West Texas so the...