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  1. Mark Evans

    Hardly any bookings for Christmas parties....

    No bookings here for the last 3 years. Crazy how December used to be one of the busiest months.
  2. Mark Evans

    Retiring The Business

    I sold some of mine on Facebook marketplace. If you send me a list I can see if anyone in the area is interested.
  3. Mark Evans

    Holiday Parties are back, for all or some?

    Had one last year and the same group called this year but called back saying they didn’t have the money. Here most companies have downgraded the parties due to lawsuits, drinking and driving, sexual harassment. Sad, used to do about 6 every year.
  4. Mark Evans

    Quiet . . . .

    Looks great Bill.
  5. Mark Evans


    Looks like a must see.
  6. Mark Evans

    Only Retired DJs Are "Real" DJs

    It's interesting that I am in semi retirement and now will do limited shows. Just realized a few weeks ago while talking to another DJ that I'm not spending any time emailing, calling, going to meetings, planning I just have more time to do other stuff. I know we've said for years that we spend...
  7. Mark Evans

    Happy Birthday BILL SMITH!!

    3rd times a charm. Happy Birthday Bill!
  8. Mark Evans

    New mics

    Sorry typo 2 mics.
  9. Mark Evans

    New mics

    A lot of Shure stems out there. I have the PG58 which is the handheld and the receiver will accommodate a second mic such as a lav. I would look for a system that the receiver will work with 12 mics.
  10. Mark Evans

    New Swing Out Sister Cd Drops!

    Anxious to hear. Thanks for following up Z
  11. Mark Evans

    It's Time To Hang Up The Headphones!

    Thank you Nicky for all the years of advice and your dedication to our industry. Like Bill said stay as long as you like. Years of expertise will over come new tech fun toys. :hp1: Dilly Dilly!
  12. Mark Evans

    Today's Load In

    Kind of tight for you isn't it? :hp17:
  13. Mark Evans

    Sending A Copy Of Your Contract, Via Brides Request, To Wedding Coordinator...

    That is awesome Cap. Have to look into that but seriously I've only run into a planner or over the last 15 years. Like you said people see what we can do and are comfortable and confident we will do a great job. As for things like cakes and arrangements the planners can help with them.
  14. Mark Evans

    My Office Today. . .

    Nice here's mine
  15. Mark Evans

    Rip Tom Petty

    Great music from an iconic performer. RIP
  16. Mark Evans

    20 Years Ago Today

    Awesome. Must have been fun!
  17. Mark Evans

    Like It Or Not, This Impacts Us

    Oh yeah. Next generation will change a lot of the way we do business. Instant gratification is now the norm.
  18. Mark Evans

    What Has Happened To This Site?

    I get notifications on a regular basis of a new member joining yet they never post or very rarely do. I'm not really sure why they don't.
  19. Mark Evans

    Now I Am In The Lawn Game, Furniture, Duct Tape, Etc.!!!!

    Most of what is on the list I have been able to accommodate. Most events I bring my own table but for weddings I have used the hall because most have them decorated in the wedding party theme.
  20. Mark Evans

    Trends In Weddings

    Dollar dance, wedding party dance's are down. Dollar dance has been for years. Did one last year and it felt like eternity to get through. More personalized grand entrance. Getting more couples that want a different song for when they come into or an individual song for each couple. Are...