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  1. Arnoldo Offermann

    Two Big Live Streams (free Webinars) Coming Up!

    Let's talk the new Macbook, Apple, and what it means for the industry... I'm bringing in longtime Apple users / programmers / IT admins! Join in and I'll be sending links soon for the live stream! **** This is a Live Stream is am STOKED...
  2. Arnoldo Offermann

    Free Dmx Dongle!

    Hey everyone! Just a heads up: If you're looking for a FREE DMX solution with limitless possibilities, remember that Elation is hosting a contest to giveaway a CompuShow dongle (or Midicon or eNode 4). Join this group and see the pinned post for details! (You must be a member of the group to...
  3. Arnoldo Offermann

    10/10 Homecoming

    I LOVE the Coliseum- it's the only venue in St. Pete with a big stage, plenty (I mean PLENTY) of power, and allows haze (lots of it). The super-high stage also means that the lighting we bring in will look even better. In this case, I brought three of my favorite lights: The Dotz Matrix (super...
  4. Arnoldo Offermann

    Dmx Control Without A Computer?

  5. Arnoldo Offermann

    Have You Seen The New Gator Controller Cases???

    This new case design by Gator Cases is innovative, light-weight, and robust. Check it out!
  6. Arnoldo Offermann

    How-to: Videomap A Cake!

    Want step-by-step directions on how to videomap a cake? This tutorial, featured on the DJ News Virtual Expo will teach you how! You can use Arkaos GrandVJ XT or Media Master Pro. Hope it helps/inspires you!
  7. Arnoldo Offermann

    Legally Crowd Scan With Laser Effects?

    This is how you can LEGALLY crowd scan with a laser projector... kinda. ;)
  8. Arnoldo Offermann

    ....and I Redid My Lighting Coffin... Again.

    ....and I redid my lighting coffin... again. I'm pretty much happy with this layout. Check it out! Here's a brief overview: Control: MIDICON Pro; reassigned to have 2048 MIDI notes on the right matrix + 16 pages • 8 motorized faders. Software: DMX - CompuShow Laser - Beyond (mapped via MIDI...
  9. Arnoldo Offermann

    My Lighting Control Rig!

    My lighting system. Dual monitor, plugin option to use 2nd monitor for my media server, MIDICON Pro, CompuShow SDE with 3 physical and 4 ArtNet universes (need to buy and install an eNode 4), and tilting screen option. All brackets and mounts made from scratch. Monitor mount made from modified...
  10. Arnoldo Offermann

    A Different Kind Of School Event...

    You gotta check this out! Winter Haven’s Chorus on Location is a themed concert where each song has a theme behind it, which has a video loop in the background to help carry the theme. I wanted to ad a third dimension by synchronizing the lights with the video and show. Since I didn’t get a...
  11. Arnoldo Offermann

    Our Radio Commercial

    Check out our Orlando radio commercial! You'll hear it this summer on 104.5 The Beat! Big thanks to multiplatinum artist (and writer of amazing songs such as Tootsie Roll, Space Jam, The Train) Thrill da Playa!
  12. Arnoldo Offermann

    New Global Truss America Gear!

    The DT-Dyno-Wheel allows you to innovate your truss totems. Watch the whole clip and wait for the BONUS content!
  13. Arnoldo Offermann

    Rock N Roller R16 Review

  14. Arnoldo Offermann

    End-of-year Recap

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Each year, I do a recap video of all the events I've done, just as a fun way to really show people what my services are all about. I figured I'd share with you guys as well!
  15. Arnoldo Offermann

    Win A Pair Of Dt-3900 Stands From Global Truss

    What are the DT-3900 stands? GTA is giving a pair away! More info (and the post to SHARE to be entered in) Good luck!!!
  16. Arnoldo Offermann

    3 New Products From Global Truss!

    New products alert: Global Truss America SQ-4121-7.5 DT-TCLM18 DT-3900
  17. Arnoldo Offermann

    Fog Fury Fazer Review

    When I first heard of a low-cost fazer, I wasn't expecting much... the results shocked me!
  18. Arnoldo Offermann

    Not Like Anyone Replies To These Things.. But Another Homecoming! ;)

    It's been a good season for us... and homecomings like these are the reason why. This one was a super-simple setup, but I really liked how the LED panels integrated with the video screen seamlessly. :)
  19. Arnoldo Offermann

    Simple Homecoming Setup.

    My first homecoming of this season... :) LOTS of pics and a video, too. I had some GoPro footage but the f***** camera didn't record the audio.
  20. Arnoldo Offermann

    New Homecoming Setup.. Ya Like? :)

    Too many pics to post here... check it out + video!