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  1. Tim English

    Mobile Beat Show

    I bought my tickets to the Mobile Beat show in February. It looks like they're really stepping it up this time around. I really get the sense it's going to be different. Plus, I'm a huge Penn fan. I'm bringing friends again and we're looking forward to it. I had a problem with purchasing...
  2. Tim English

    Mac users, help me test a Gigbuilder problem

    I have a favor to ask of any Mac users out there. I am having a problem with a form provided by Gigbuilder. I've tested it on 3 Macs, but I would like some further confirmation as these Macs may all be using the same version of the O.S. When a client checks their date on my web site, they get...
  3. Tim English

    Compact gear

    I'm determined to make my DJ gear as small as possible. My main speakers are now QSC K8's and a KSub. My new ceremony rig is a Gator 3 space effects rack with a single space Studio Master mixer, and 3 Audio Technica receivers. Now it's time to work on my main mixing console. Right now I have...
  4. Tim English

    Sandy caused Squarespace outage

    If you have any websites hosted on Squarespace, they are probably down. Apparently their data center lost power and the backup generator was flooded. I can't believe they don't have a 2nd physical location. Even Gigbuilder has 2 data centers in 2 different physical locations. I've been meaning...
  5. Tim English

    VDJ and Turntables

    Anyone using VDJ with the time coded vinyls? Do they work ok? I just cleaned off the old 1200s in the garage and I was thinking about getting the vinyls for fun. If it works well, I might even start taking them to school gigs. I haven't taken turntables to a gig in 12 years, but I think it would...
  6. Tim English

    For the jerk keynote speaker at MBLV16 ...and if you've never seen a TED talk, I highly recommend spending some time on this site. They give a few minutes on stage to some of the brightest minds on the planet.
  7. Tim English

    Why are people so stupid?

    I recently posted a job opening for a DJ. Of the 30 responses, only 4 were from literate people. The following is a typical response... "im looking for dj works weddings and stuff like that i have to many years experience rocking the house and making people move they asses to the good stuff i...
  8. Tim English

    iOS Update

    I got my iOS 5 update for my iPad2. Since Apple copied Android's voice commands, notifications, and OTA capabilities, I really thought they were going to close the feature gap with Android a little more, but maybe I'm missing something. If anyone knows how to do this stuff on an iPad, please let...
  9. Tim English

    Bob Heil Interview

    There are some people who have stories that MUST be told. Bob Heil was responsible for Pete Townshend's talk box, and the Grateful Dead's legendary PA. He tells the stories in this interview... Bob mans his own booth at NAMM, he is very generous...
  10. Tim English

    Good timing

    And brides think it's clever to plan a wedding on a cool date, like 10/10/10. Try timing the births of your 3 children for 08/08/08, 09/09/09 and 10/10/10!
  11. Tim English

    Gigbuilder and G-Calendar

    I have 4 Gigbuilder accounts linked to a single Google Calendar. Here's my problem... For every confirmed event in my Gigbuilder, my calendar simply displays "Event: Wedding." Is there any way to get it to display something more specific, ideally, the event name? If you look at the...
  12. Tim English

    Android Phones

    Anyone using an Android phone in a DJ related way? Do you know of any apps that a DJ would be interested in? Is there a decent DJ app for fun? I would love to keep a set of party music on my phone and bust it out at a friend's party or something like that :) just for kicks. I'm using...
  13. Tim English

    42" LCD video monitors

    I'm shopping for a matched set of flat panel video monitors to add to my show. I think I've settled on the LCD 42" form factor. Mostly because it seems to be a sweet spot as far as the size/weight ratio. Sony makes one that weighs only 45 lbs. A similar size plasma would most likely be around 65...
  14. Tim English

    Deleted threads

    The thread I wrote last night about how it is unethical to delete a thread with 100 replies because the last few may have been derailed says it has been "moved." Can anyone enlighten me as to where it has gone? I'm not trying to be a pest, but I'm assuming it really was moved and not deleted...
  15. Tim English

    Apple announcement

    So I just heard Steve Jobs is going to be at the apple product roll out today. That's pretty unusual if it's only an iPod upgrade. I think the news will bigger than that. Perhaps a Beatles themed iPod (like the U2 one) and the Beatles catalog offered on iTunes. It's about damn time. They've lost...
  16. Tim English

    DIY Sub

    I need a tiny sub for a tiny venue. When I say tiny, I mean tiny. The capacity is 30 people for a wedding, 35 for a non-seated affair. The place has installed 8" 2 way powered speakers. The speakers actually sound great, but when I have a group of younger people, I need just a tiny bit more...
  17. Tim English

    How to preserve playlists if moving files around

    Is there a way to move the files around on my hard drive to different folders without destroying my i-Tunes playlists? I know if I just arbitrarily start moving files from one folder to another, I will be creating bad references in my playlists. Is there a way around this?
  18. Tim English

    Replacing Mackies with BOSE

    Without going into a discussion of conical vs. spherical radiation levels and ectoplasmic propagation techniques, can someone please tell me if a single L1 Model 1 with a single B1 is enough to replace my 2 Mackie 12" 2way speakers?
  19. Tim English

    Do you make clients visit your office?

    For those of you who have an office or meeting space.... Do you require clients to meet you at your office? Or do you simply present your office as the best option, but still meet at Starbucks if that's what they want? If they come out to your office, do you think its expected that you do...
  20. Tim English

    Anyone try any DJ software on a Netbook?

    I'm just wondering if anyone has tried using any DJ software on a Netbook computer? I was thinking of getting an i-Pod as another backup to my backup. I would leave it hooked up all the time to a channel on the mixer just in case my main computer fails. This way I can quickly play a song...