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    Need software to make Contracts for DJ business any Suggestions?

    We've been using Infomanager 2 then 3.5 We need a change. Looking for something really easy to use. Any suggestions ? KJ
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    Looking for a Infomanager 3.5 replacement program

    New office computer and trying to transfer Customware Infomanager 3.5 (what a nightmare) Looking for a replacement program. Any suggestions to do cover letters, contracts etc Something user friendly. I do not like change . Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks KJ
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    What would be a dependable backup/spare Controller/Mixer for VDJ

    Mostly do weddings . Looking for an all in one controller mixer for a backup and also a satilite system(ceremony). Currently have rack mount computer(windows XP w/Virtual Dj v7.2),DAC3 controller and Numark mixer . Also looking to upgrade my existing ,something with a song title display(in case...
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    Need help with Latin/Spanish music

    Looking for a list of spanish/latin music, that would help out with the occasinal request. A couple of suggestions for Salsa,Merenque, Buccia?? You can see by my spelling I need a little advise in the Spanish request list? any Spanish tool set I can buy? Thanks KJ
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    Looking for a used DJ vehicle

    Any suggestions on a 4-5 year old DJ vehicle. Must get 20- 30 on gas/miles, fit the gear, and one passenger. Money is tight and need a reliable ride. Thanks in Advance KJ
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    Wireless mic's have RF interference from Digital system??

    I have 2 Audio Technica ATW R14. Mounted in my Digital rack(gator case). When I turn on the computer the RF readings light up , even tough the MIC's are in the off position. When doing outdoor wedding ceremonies , about 50 feet away, the Mic's cut out. This has happened in 2 different...
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    Doing a Hollywood Theme NYE party any ideas??

    Does anyone have any ideas for skits or games Hollywood style? I would like to do the Hollywood trivia , suggestion on a web site that has free trivia? When people arrive I'll give them a star sticker and they put it on themselves. And during cocktail if they say the word "NO" the other...
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    My new Gemini wireless Mic ux1620m cuts out .

    Just bought this mic at the Vegas Show. Everytime I say a word w/ a "S" it cuts out . We did a raffel and all the tickets started w/ 676. I adjusted the gain and still. I also purchased 2 Gemini ux1600L. To use them for the wireless speaker transmission, and the same thing occured. Certain...
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    Looking for Skits to do at parties?

    I do alot of interactive parties. I'm looking for scripts of short adult humor skits. Is there a web site or does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks KevinJ
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    What filesharing program is Legal?

    I'd rather pay for a single song than buy a whole album for one song. I want to do the right thing and not be unethical about the matter. Please advise me on what site (Kaaza-light, Napster) Thanks Brad
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    Let"s Create a skit "The Osbournes"

    I'm creating a new skit for this years shows. The Osbournes, I bought the wigs and glasses for Ozzy,Sharon,Kelly and Jack. Now what do I do with them. I'll take 4 people from the audience and take them in the hall, dress them up and give them an Easy skit or dance. Does anyone have any Ideas...
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    Need Happy Hour list of songs.

    I'm looking for a fun, sing a long type music list. For a happy hour to set the FUN mood for the night. example American Pie,Piano Man, Sweet Caroline etc. Songs that would be played at a Dueling Piano Bar. Thanks in Advance KJ