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  1. Spinful Cyndi


    So I've been seeing reviews & YouTube videos for the ADJ Stinger. Looked cool & something I could use for smaller gigs. Called around to various suppliers in Chicago & was told "not in stock" or the best one - "it has been discontinued". My last call was to Guitar Center who told me that it is...
  2. Spinful Cyndi

    Wireless Microphone

    Hey Folks Would I be happy with this? Basically, for my use - announcements etc. As always, thanks for your help.
  3. Spinful Cyndi


    I have been receiving requests for "bubbles" at kids' parties. Of course I do not have a machine - any recommendations? Thanks!
  4. Spinful Cyndi

    Vdj 7.4 Suddenly Freaks Out

    Greetings all.... Ok, I have 2 different controllers - a Hercules RMX2 & a Denon MC3000. I have a PAID FOR version of VDJ Pro 7.4. My pc is an i5 with 6gb of gb of ram using Windows 7. The RMX2 I've been using for 6 months without any issues. I just bought the 3000 from a friend. While using the...
  5. Spinful Cyndi

    Djintelligence Down

    Anyone else having issues?
  6. Spinful Cyndi

    DJIntelligence Issue???

    Good Morning! Anyone else having issues logging into DJIntelligence? I'm meeting with a client shortly & it is not coming up. Thanks!
  7. Spinful Cyndi

    VDJ Freezes

    Greetings Folks! Did a search & didn't see here it goes! VDJ freezes, but still plays when I switch hard drives. THEN while playing a tune this past Saturday, it completely froze up, quit playing & I had to restart VDJ. My laptop is an i5-480M 2.93GHz 6GB 640GB HD. Internet...
  8. Spinful Cyndi

    American Audio Encore 2000

    Anyone have one? Thinking of picking one up for that "once in awhile I need to use cds & laptop". Pros? Cons? Suggestions welcome!
  9. Spinful Cyndi

    American Audio MXR Mixers

    Greetings All! Has anyone actually tested out any of the MXR series mixers??
  10. Spinful Cyndi

    Trying To Get A Replacement Part From Chauvet

    Good Afternoon Everyone! Here I am again.....sigh....this is more of a rant..... I have a Chauvet 4Play. While breaking it down in December, my "roadie" (actually my best friend) completely unscrewed the Tripod Attachment Adjustment Knob from the unit, set it down & forgot it. Fast forward...
  11. Spinful Cyndi

    2nd Laptop to RMX Help...

    Here I am dj noob.... ok...I've got a bride that wants to run a slide show on her laptop & run the sound through my system. I have the Hercules RMX & a Behringer Eurorack UB802. I have NO idea how to hook everything up & make it work. ANY help is
  12. Spinful Cyndi

    Looking For A Remix....

    Greetings All - Happy Saturday! Is there a remix of Taylor Swift's Back to December? I've looked around a bit & haven't found one. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Spinful Cyndi

    Hercules RMX - NO sound???

    Happy Friday All! As some of you know, I have been dragging myself into the 21st Century. Picked up a Hercules RMX from a fellow dj. Thought I'd give the included VDJ a spin. Updated the drivers, etc. Plugged in my headphones to the RMX - no sound. Haven't hooked it up to my main system yet...
  14. Spinful Cyndi

    Cupid Shuffle - Latin Shuffle

    Hello Everyone, Ok, I must have been under a rock somewhere & missed this... Anyone know a source where I can purchase & download the Cupid/Latin Shuffle featuring Pitbull & Baby Bash? Where have I been??? Thanks everyone!
  15. Spinful Cyndi

    Best of 2010 Club?????

    Booked a NYE gig & they state that they want some "club mixes". A little out of my element here...can anyone give me an idea of what the "cream of the crop" is for 2010? I'm typically a wedding dj so I'm kinda lost.... Thank you everyone for your help!!!!!
  16. Spinful Cyndi

    American Audio XSP-15A

    Anyone using these? I've been looking around for a review & haven't found one. Thinking of using it as a backup. Thanks!!!! Cindy
  17. Spinful Cyndi

    DJ Keo

    DJ Keo - Keo Cross Once again, I have been under a rock... Anyone using this at their gigs?
  18. Spinful Cyndi

    Top Songs of 2009 - Did I miss it?

    Hey Everyone... I noticed Jim's post of the year end songs based on "spins". I'm trying to pull together special folders that contain the top songs, by genre, of 2009. 2008 etc. I've done a Jim's listing the best or is there something else? Thanks everyone!!!!
  19. Spinful Cyndi

    Is This External HD Dead?

    This has truly been the year for Gremlins & Goofups - I have a 400 gig hd that I had originally formatted (using the Buffalo software) to FAT32 for the Cortex. I had been noticing some goofups on my part with the files, so I reformatted the drive again, using the Buffalo software. Then, my...
  20. Spinful Cyndi

    Something Up With my Desktop

    I don't know how I did it, but I am getting a message that a program has corrupted my internet browser & that it is being reset to the original settings. Also, it no longer saves my passwords. I have NO idea how to fix it. Could I have deleted something?? Any help is appreciated. Thanks...