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  1. polarsounds

    Martin Freekie Ac Adapter

    Hey all, I'd had my Martin Freekie in a semi-permanent install at a venue that was recently remodeled. The Freekie was returned to me without its AC adapter. I'm having trouble locating a replacement. Any ideas? Thank you! Eric
  2. polarsounds

    VJs and Windows 8.1

    True, no operating system has been more reviled since Vista... but since so many computers are being sold with it, I figured I should ask which bits of software run well with it. What software works well with Win 8.1?
  3. polarsounds

    Lightweight speakers

    So, I've been out of the game for a few years now and am getting requests to come out of retirement. I'm thinking if (and for the moment it's still if) I start back up, I'm going to have to save what's left of my back with the most portable system possible. What are the lightweight powered...
  4. polarsounds

    Ultratec fluid

    At long last, my LeMaitre Neutron hazer has run out of juice. I'm curious who is selling a 2L bottle of Ultratec Luminous 7 haze fluid and roughly what I can expect to pay for it.
  5. polarsounds

    "I don't want to spend much"...

    I've found this to be true. When I've skimped - be it on mixers, speakers, cordless mics, computers - I've found myself spending the money later to get it right. On the flip side, I bought a quality pair of used speakers that sounded great and ran reliably for nearly a decade before I...
  6. polarsounds

    Best bang for a start-up budget

    I'd agree the subwoofer is the weak link. Don't expect to shake the place too much for $1,000 with a single powered sub, but there are some good options near your stated weight limit at your price range. AudioPyle offered several options near your weight and price range when I shopped around...
  7. polarsounds

    Seattle Specialties (SSI) again...

    They're calling again, and that means insults for anybody who doesn't want to do business! In case anybody else gets a call and even *thinks* about doing business with them, here's a near verbatim transcript of my conversation: For those keeping score at home, they have called me a f****t...
  8. polarsounds

    Thinking about Swift Elite 4.0 - any last words from the peanut gallery?

    I've been looking into video dj software demos for the past several days, as I'm now getting the Promo Only videos in mp4 format and Mixmeister Pro 6 just won't handle it. I'm now leaning strongly toward Tricerasoft Swift Elite 4.0 Solution. As far as I can see, the pluses are: Allows me...
  9. polarsounds

    New Line Array System Product From BOSE - The L1 Compact

    I am always dubious of press releases issued on 4/1... Of course, Ryan *did* actually purchase Mobile Beat Magazine, and I suspected that was an April Fools joke when the press release was issued.
  10. polarsounds

    ID3 tags for mpeg-1, mpeg-2 files?

    I've tried renaming files, tried converting mpg1 & mpg2 to mp4, and tried re-ripping to mp4. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a setting to rip a clean mp4, the converted mpg1 & mpg2 are worse, and the renaming has had zero effect with ProVJ. The other ripper I have is ClubDJ's VJ Ripper Pro...
  11. polarsounds

    ID3 tags for mpeg-1, mpeg-2 files?

    I'm demo'ing a video dj program (ClubDJ ProVJ) that uses ID3 tags, but cannot seem to find a way to tag the *thousands* of mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 files in my current collection. Without the tags, I cannot populate the Artist and Song fields properly. Has anyone had success tagging their old...
  12. polarsounds

    Promo Only DFF

    For those of you who have tried it... Is there a particular video DJ program for which the tags are optimized? I'm finding the track number, artist, and title are jumping around to different columns depending on which program demo I'm using.
  13. polarsounds

    Daylight Savings Time...

    From the Anchorage Daily News "A bill repealing daylight saving time in Alaska is on its way to the state Senate. It passed the House 22-15 Wednesday." If it goes through, we will join Arizona and Hawaii as the only states not recognizing DST.
  14. polarsounds

    Hooking Up a Sub to a Rane MP2 Mixer

    For me, personally, I stopped using BBE products about a decade ago because I could tell a difference in how hot my amplifiers would get. (My Carver PM-1.5 would emit a whistle when it started overheating - and it only overheated when hooked to a BBE.) If it is working for you, may your good...
  15. polarsounds

    Hooking Up a Sub to a Rane MP2 Mixer

    Unless using an external crossover, in which case you have separate levels for the mains and the subs. Also, am I the only one who questions the use of a BBE Sonic Maximizer with a powered sub? I thought using a Sonic Maximizer with any powered cabinet was just asking for trouble.
  16. polarsounds

    Hooking Up a Sub to a Rane MP2 Mixer

    I was wondering the same thing as Bob: 1) If there is a built-in crossover on the sub, why aren't you using it? 2) If there isn't a built-in crossover on the sub, why aren't you buying an external crossover?
  17. polarsounds

    Finally the product is here!

    Just got my 6005 cans in - thanks to DJ Biff's willingness to explore other shipping options. It's a nice little can for the money. I'll have some fun putting together programs for these and finally adding some color fill to my light show. The one issue I had... there are 10 dip switches on...
  18. polarsounds

    Finally the product is here!

    I'll be looking forward to your e-mail.
  19. polarsounds

    Finally the product is here!

    It's a great price, but it's unconscionable what UPS is asking to ship the buggers. UPS truly hoses Alaskans in a way FedEx and USPS would never dream of doing.
  20. polarsounds

    What is your weakest link

    Often because the person was not my customer to begin with. I also have reason to believe at least one of my competitors was informing potential clients and wedding vendors I would be retiring from DJing due to back pain after raising the possibility here. (And, geez, guy... if you're going...