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    Karaoke Downloads

    Hi, I'm looking to add Karaoke to my lineup this year. I'm having a hard time finding new hip hop and latin music. Does anyone have any suggestions of subscription based sites where I can get these and other genres of new music. Seems like all of the sites I run into have only older music and...
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    Projectors - Screens And Accesories

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase my first projection setup and thought I'd stop by to see what you guys are using. I'd need some type of stand for the projector and a decent screen. What height should the stand be? Do you guys prefer front or rear projection screens? In theory rear looks cleaner...
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    Dmx 101. Need Help With Controller + Sofware

    Hi Folks, I need help with setting up DMX lighting. We have a chauvet 4play clear, 4 ADJ Inno Pocket Spots and a ADJ Micro Galaxian Laser. I'd like to start playing around with DMX but I'm not sure how to go about this. I use VDJ so I've been looking at FreeStyler and ADJ My Buddy. I have 2...
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    Chauvet Gig Bar

    Hi, I'm finally getting my own lights. I came accross the chauvet gig bar. I have yet to see it live but it seems like a good all in on unit. Does anyone own it or have any input on this model? Thanks
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    Issues with Virtual Dj

    Hi! I switched over from serato to vdj a few months ago and have had nothing but problems. I've tried both version 7.4 and 8 and have the same problems. I have contacted support via e-mail and chat but have gotten nowhere. I have setup 2 appointments with them so they can remotely access my...
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    american audio mxr 10 and v7's

    Is anyone using this mixer with or without serato? I'm currently using Numark V7's and I'm looking for a new mixer. I'm not sure if these will map correctly with itch. If your using V7's, what mixer are you using? Thanks