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  1. polarsounds

    Martin Freekie Ac Adapter

    Hey all, I'd had my Martin Freekie in a semi-permanent install at a venue that was recently remodeled. The Freekie was returned to me without its AC adapter. I'm having trouble locating a replacement. Any ideas? Thank you! Eric
  2. polarsounds

    VJs and Windows 8.1

    True, no operating system has been more reviled since Vista... but since so many computers are being sold with it, I figured I should ask which bits of software run well with it. What software works well with Win 8.1?
  3. polarsounds

    Lightweight speakers

    So, I've been out of the game for a few years now and am getting requests to come out of retirement. I'm thinking if (and for the moment it's still if) I start back up, I'm going to have to save what's left of my back with the most portable system possible. What are the lightweight powered...
  4. polarsounds

    Ultratec fluid

    At long last, my LeMaitre Neutron hazer has run out of juice. I'm curious who is selling a 2L bottle of Ultratec Luminous 7 haze fluid and roughly what I can expect to pay for it.
  5. polarsounds

    Seattle Specialties (SSI) again...

    They're calling again, and that means insults for anybody who doesn't want to do business! In case anybody else gets a call and even *thinks* about doing business with them, here's a near verbatim transcript of my conversation: For those keeping score at home, they have called me a f****t...
  6. polarsounds

    Thinking about Swift Elite 4.0 - any last words from the peanut gallery?

    I've been looking into video dj software demos for the past several days, as I'm now getting the Promo Only videos in mp4 format and Mixmeister Pro 6 just won't handle it. I'm now leaning strongly toward Tricerasoft Swift Elite 4.0 Solution. As far as I can see, the pluses are: Allows me...
  7. polarsounds

    ID3 tags for mpeg-1, mpeg-2 files?

    I'm demo'ing a video dj program (ClubDJ ProVJ) that uses ID3 tags, but cannot seem to find a way to tag the *thousands* of mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 files in my current collection. Without the tags, I cannot populate the Artist and Song fields properly. Has anyone had success tagging their old...
  8. polarsounds

    Promo Only DFF

    For those of you who have tried it... Is there a particular video DJ program for which the tags are optimized? I'm finding the track number, artist, and title are jumping around to different columns depending on which program demo I'm using.
  9. polarsounds

    Lightweight sub, 100-200 guests

    I've been considering losing some weight... on my load-ins. About 80% of my events are banquet hall / yacht club type events that do not need big boom. (I've got big boom covered for those other 20%...) I would like to be able to couple a modestly priced lightweight sub with my EAW FR-159z...
  10. polarsounds

    Ultra-Short Throw Projectors? (NEC WT610 or similar)

    Has anybody used or seen used the NEC WT610? I'm intrigued, because this 2,000 lumens projector has a 2.5 foot throw to produce a 100" diagonal. When introduced in '05 the price tag was around $6,000, but I may be able to pick one up for under $1,500 now. Also, are there other good options...
  11. polarsounds

    OTS AV - Pros & Cons?

    I've been giving some different pieces of VJ software a spin. Been using MixMeister 6, but want to be able to use higher quality vids. Still don't like MM Fusion + Video. After sampling several products, the one that seems most intuitive for the way I like to use my software is OTSAV...
  12. polarsounds

    When to hang 'em up...?

    This is mostly a question for the long-timers. (Nothing against short-timers, but you probably don't have the long-range perspective for this...) Despite only being 35, I've DJ'ed functions in one form or another for 21 years. I'm enough of a stickler for sound quality that I have never...
  13. polarsounds

    Getting baffled by L.E.D. options

    A lot of the current LED product is falling into the $175-$275 price point right now. Being someplace where seeing the fixtures live ain't an option is getting frustrating, because I can't see for myself what these fixtures can and cannot do. Some of the options I've considered include...
  14. polarsounds

    Commissions on referral?

    A local wedding professional has contacted me re: the possibility of setting up a referral fee. She tells me wedding professionals in other parts of the country are receiving a referral fee between 20% and 35%. I have worked from coast to coast as a wedding DJ over the past dozen years and...
  15. polarsounds

    House system? We don't need no steenking house system!

    I had recent contact from a friend of a prospective wedding client asking me for a quote and outlining their needs. The reception is being hosted at the local convention center and I was informed the couple would be using "all three ballrooms" for the event. (Basically, the convention floor...
  16. polarsounds

    Always take tech "support" with a grain of salt...

    A few days ago, my notebook computer wouldn't power up and I couldn't figure out what the problem was... so I went onto the desktop and connected to live tech support. After telling the agent I couldn't get the machine to boot up but it was blinking three times on the front panel, I went...
  17. polarsounds

    Problems with No. 1 DVD Ripper

    Seems like I've been having more and more problems with No. 1 DVD Ripper crashing - even with brand new discs. The biggest change has been that I'm recording to mpg2 instead of mpg1, but some of the tracks that have been crashing I've tried with both and had the same problem. I've tried...
  18. polarsounds

    Numark USB Turntable - Who Carries It?

    On my "back burner" list of things-I-will-probably-eventually-purchase-someday is a USB turntable to transfer from vinyl to mp3. Anyone know a vendor who isn't a megacorpastore who stocks these? (Preferably, someone who would be flexible on shipping and not pull the old J&R Music World trick...
  19. polarsounds

    Budget LEDs up to the task?

    Basically, I'm considering something in the range of the ColorSpash 200b or color panels from Chauvet or the ADJ PAR64LED. I'd be looking to use four fixtures in conjunction with two different lighting setups: Setup A: (4) Martin MX-4 (1) Martin Wizard Setup B: (2) Martin MX-4 (1)...
  20. polarsounds

    AVI-compatible VJ software

    I've been looking through VJ options to see which ones are compatible with AVI/MPEG4 video files. Please let me know if I've missed any. VJ Live Virtual DJ DJ Power ClubDJ Pro Thank you!