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  1. djgulfcoast

    Replacement Amplifier Module Electro Voice EV ELX112P

    I was about to give up on our EV's. been thru several replacment speakers and 2 amps. After some suggestions, we decided to try this: Review: After 8 gigs, no blown speakers, and actually has a more sold warmer sound than the EV amps. With what I...
  2. djgulfcoast

    HD mix HD replacement issue.

    Hello. I have an Numark HDMIX that I need to set up a new external drive. I just set up a XP compatible 4TB drive NTFS external and the HDMIX will not read it. Any Idea why it is not working. Thank you.
  3. djgulfcoast

    Looks Like Videotoolz Is Done.

    I've used videotoolz for my clean Hip Hop titles since 2013, but it looks like it is done. They cancelled reoccurring facebook payments this week and several pages are down on the website. Reports say no reply's from email. What is the best pool for CLEAN versions of hip hop songs. Thanks.
  4. djgulfcoast

    Is Anyone Involved With A Radio Station.

    Is anyone on the board directly involved with a radio station. If so, I would like to know how you promote your services with them.
  5. djgulfcoast

    It Is Getting Tough. This Is Where The Skillz Come Into Play.

    It has been awhile since I have stopped by the board, and decided to see what is happening, and to post some food (or music for thought). You tube is a blessing and a curse. We now have a generation who has a short attention span, and looks for the most obscure music. I am in favor of a...
  6. djgulfcoast

    Looking For Dj In Meridian Tuscaloosa Area

    Good Morning everyone, I have a school with about 75 students in the Meridian Tuscaloosa AL Area that is having their homecoming on October 16th. Nothing fancy. If you are in the area please contact me. Thanks Damon Collins
  7. djgulfcoast

    HD Mix issue

    Lately I have noticed that some songs are not showing up on our Numark HD mix (the songs show up on the drive when viewed on another source). Has anyone had this issue. Would you suggest deleting the current "built library file", and rescan & build another library file. Thanks.
  8. djgulfcoast

    HD Mix. How has it been working for you

    I figured I would get an update on the HDMIX. I have had mine for a little over a year. It has worked well . Have you found any useful tips or glitches to pass on.
  9. djgulfcoast

    Mackie's SRM450v2 or QSC K12 your opinion.

    Gonna make a choice withing 3 days. Was going with K12's but... I some reviews had the 450's as a favorite. I now ask for the help and reviews of the forum. Note: The budget is about $1700.00 Thanks.
  10. djgulfcoast

    Nate Dog Obit Yahoo

    From Yahoo Obit "Hale dropped out of high school, was dishonorably discharged from the Marines and dabbled in the drug trade before finding success as Nate Dogg on Dr. Dre's classic 1992 album "The Chronic." Did like Regulate with Warren G.
  11. djgulfcoast

    Audio card output settings ?

    I am using a external Gigaport soundcard (USB Connection). My question: in the audio properties on the control panel does the speaker setting in advanced settings determine output sound quality. Currently im set to Desktop stereo speakers. Sholud I have it set to: Laptop stereo speakers...
  12. djgulfcoast

    Line 6 XD-V30L Wireless Lav Microphone

    I've been pleased with the XDR955 handlheld mics, anyone using or has a review for the XD-V30L mics. I'm looking at two of these for wedding ceremonies. Wouldn't use them for anything else. On a side note: Has anyone had interference from photographers using those wireless flash bulbs? I am...
  13. djgulfcoast

    Like a G6 - The new trend?

    It seems now getting wasted is the new cool trend in music :(. Like a G6 is a big song. How do you handle not playing it at youth events. The video for dirty bit shows a dancer "getting sick" in a digital way (you will need to see the video). Nicki Minaj sings about her bottles in "Check It...
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    Another Email willing to get me 6 gigs a month and pay pay me $250 each. I replied "Take me off your list!! WE BOOK DJ GIGS!!!!!!!! We are seeking MOBILE DJS For Sweet 16 Parties, 40th Birthday Parties, Weddings Etc Call Us For More Info: 404-362-****
  15. djgulfcoast

    Fugees - Killing Me Softly (No rap)

    Hi y'all, Looking for w/o rap version of Killing me softly by the Fugees. Any suggestions. Thanks
  16. djgulfcoast

    HDMIX keyboard issue

    This weekend the keyboard on the HDMIX I use decided to freeze up. I did a reboot twice, with no results. Finally I unplugged the keyboard and it was okay. Luckily, the wedding was running late or it would of been a issue. Has anyone experienced this problem. :confused:
  17. djgulfcoast

    School Dance

    School Dance What the scoop. Anyone a member Thanks :)
  18. djgulfcoast

    Piano version of Hornpipe by Handel

    Anyone know of an album with a piano version of Hornpipe by Handel. Got a bride wanting it. Thanks.
  19. djgulfcoast

    Wireless mic transmitter & receiver

    Hey gang, Looking for suggestions on a wireless mic and receiver. I have a Samson MR series (I use these for outdoors weddings - 15 minutes each time). They have been discontinued. Would like the transmitter and receiver to operate on 9V or AA batteries. Thanks
  20. djgulfcoast

    Gotta Love this - Where's my pictures?

    HELP me get my wedding photos This is an actual Facebook page with B/G's who did not get their wedding pictures. Hmmm.. so I thought....How bout the following pages. I hired a $200.00 DJ and got screwed. My DJ didn't show up for my reception page DJ horror stories page IPOD nightmare. My...